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Fitzgerald & His Stories: Hot Topics on Video

Join the lively discussion of the stories in Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls between Kirk Curnutt, professor and chair of English at Troy University’s Montgomery Campus in Montgomery, Alabama, and Ashley Gordon of “Reading for the Rest of Us.” Stay tuned as we add more video discussions on Fitzgerald and his work.


Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls: Head and Shoulders (Full Discussion)

Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls: Myra Meets His Family (Full Discussion)

Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls: The Camel’s Back (Full Discussion)

Bernice Bobs Her Hair (Full Discussion)

The Ice Palace (Full Discussion)

The Off Shore Pirate (Full Version)

The Popular Girl (Full Version)

The Fitzgerald Credo

Love As Performance Art

Different From The Great Gatsby

Addressing The Reader

The Purpose of Romance Fiction

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