True Love

Cupid’s Arrow—Does It Really Strike?

Great, I thought sarcastically. Another reminder that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’m single, and I have absolutely no grasp on the ... Read more

A Tale of Two Cities and Two Boyfriends

Which man to fall for? The cute intellectual conversationalist or the dashing sex machine jock? This is going to get hard... Read more

Six Good Celebrity Moms

Who said being a mom is a limiting career? These celebrity power moms prove that a lot can be accomplished while being a mother.... Read more

News We Love

Never Liked it anyway

Breakups are a pretty destructive force. But like any form of destruction, they leave space and opportunity to recreate, reinvent and renew.... Read more

Novel Viewpoints

What Your Dream-Home Style Says About You. It is an interesting question for fiction writers, who must create believable characters and their environments.... Read more

What To Consider Before Living Together For the First Time

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I Still Believe

Love in Many Forms

Anxious About Being Single In Your 30's?

I think there’s something that makes break-ups different in your 30’s because not only do you have to deal with all the emotional turmoil, you have the added ... Read more

10 Sexy Minutes On My Pastor's Hotline!

I started speaking with the stranger on the phone, even when I knew I should transfer him directly to the minister. But I couldn’t help myself; there was something about his ... Read more

Vintage Tales of Romance To Enjoy!

From July 1945: A Girl On His Mind. He was a big man in high school, and he thought he was the big man in Sally's heart. Until a big man of the world came along... Read more

Love Series

9 Things To Say Besides I Love You

There are key phrases which are important for a woman to hear to make her feel loved. Here are 9 things you should say to her as often as possible ... Read more

Foods To Raise Your Mood Post Break-up

As we all know, breaking up with your partner causes one of the worst types of pain. So it makes sense that boosting your serotonin level is the perfect way ... Read more

12 Foods for Lovers This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, our thoughts turn to adding a little more romance to our lives. Can certain foods boost sexual desire?... Read more


Ordinary Ways To Find Romance

The Tale of The Tarnished Dress

Take Our Love Quizes

Which Music Decade Had The Sexiest Style?

Our music scene has changed a lot over the last several decades, but sexy musicians will always be around. Have you ever thought about which decade had the sexiest style?... Read more

Which Love Song Was Meant For You?

Ever hear a song on the radio and think, "Hey, that song is about me!" Take our quiz above to see what love song best summarizes who you are!... Read more

Which RomCom Are You?--Take The Quiz

Do you see yourself as more of a Casablanca gal or a Notebook kind of guy? Take our quiz above to learn what RomCom you should be in. ... Read more

Shirtless Bedtime Stories

Confessions of Candy Apple

In Love With My Next Door Neighbor!


Vampire Romance

Psychologist Sarah Hagan thought she had her life under control. It only takes one patient — a handsome younger man named Carlos who is on parole for car theft ... Read More

Second Acts Series

Cynthia Amas has her hands full. In the middle of launching a boutique matchmaking service – Second Acts — amid the sun, surf, and celebrities of Southern California ... Read More

TruLove Collection

All of us long for true love. Unfortunately, however, some of us despair of ever finding it. Often it’s because we live with a gripping sense of defeat ... Read More

A Century of Love