Girlfriends Strike Back

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Angry Girlfriends are Striking Back!

Beware of Angry Girlfriends! They’re here and ready for payback. Relationships are messy! Especially if you’re boyfriend’s a slob, a liar, a flirt, or a loud snorer who’s always late? Don’t get mad, get even with Girlfriends Strike Back –the new mobile game that makes getting even the biggest score yet! Revenge has never been so sweet. READ MORE

GSB Play Screen97Does he love the cat more than you? When is the last time he sent you roses? Take a look at another example of BAD BOYFRIENDS.

Tell Us What You Want. . . in a Man!

Let’s face it, no one is perfect!  But when it comes to love, we all have an “ideal” we’d like to find, or help our boyfriends/husbands to become. Whether you’re looking for (or have already found) tall, dark and handsome; someone who makes you laugh; a successful entrepreneur; or a man who makes you feel special, tell us what matters most to you.  Take our survey