15 Relationship Mistakes You Keep Making Over & Over

Life isn’t like the movies. So why do we keep expecting it to be? Sometimes women get caught up in how they think relationships are “supposed to be” instead of just letting them be. In the movies it seems so easy, and men seem to just magically know what their women need, even before she fully knows what she needs. In the movies, romance just flows, with music playing on cue and everyone looks amazing all the time.

Really? Are you buying this?

Don’t let the movies taint your view of relationships or cause you to make mistakes. The movies aren’t real—they are just stories. Fantasies. Real life is messy and unpredictable. The goal is a healthy relationship, right? Romance and love can exist within a health relationship, but that’s not the ONLY thing that exists within a healthy relationship. It’s time to let go of all of that. See your man as who he is, and love him for who he is. Don’t let these common mistakes ruin your relationship. Here are 15 crazy relationship mistakes women make and how to avoid them.

1. Not Keeping Jealousy in Check.

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Your guy is still a guy, after all, so an occasional look at another woman is perfectly normal. Don’t flip out. Of course, if he’s continually looking and taking it to the next level, then it’s time to have a (calm) talk with him about it.

2. Expecting Him to Read Your Mind.

You do realize how complicated women’s minds are, don’t you? There are sometimes you may not even understand your own mind. So please, please don’t expect him to understand yours, much less know what is happening inside of it, especially if you aren’t telling him what’s up.

3. Turning Little Things into Big Issues

Ok, so he never picks up his socks. That’s a little thing. Simply ask him to throw them in the hamper—case closed. Don’t let this little thing turn into a big issue about how he never does this, or how he must not love you or he would keep things tidy. It’s only about the socks.

4. Forgetting He’s Your Significant Other, Not Your Girl Friend

Different people fill different roles in our lives. So you can’t go to the your man with a problem about girl-related stuff. So what? He’s there for you with everything else. Call your girlfriend when you need that girl advice.

5. Being Nit Picky

It’s so much easier seeing other people’s imperfections, and sometimes women are guilty of pointing them out in their men. Ladies, doing this helps no one. It makes you feel bad, and it makes him feel bad (he won’t often show it, which makes it easier for you to continue this bad behavior). When you focus on the negative, you get negative.

6. Not Letting Him Be Who He Is

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So he loves to watch sports, or tinker with cars, or season his food a certain way, or etc. Great! Celebrate his way of doing things. Every person is different—celebrate how he does things and don’t look at them as a hindrance to you. Let him be who he is.

7. Giving Him the Silent Treatment

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When you don’t get your way, as a way to gain the upper hand (or at least some attention) you just quit talking altogether. Please don’t resort to that method. It’s very passive-aggressive and emotionally unhealthy.

8. Not Being Honest

One of the worst ways we ruin relationships is by not being honest. Women, if you are keeping secrets or hiding something from your significant other, it’s time to stop. It will only hurt both of you in the long-run.

9. Not Appreciating Sex

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Sure, women typically don’t have as much constant sexual desire as men, but they can work to cultivate positive feelings and approaches to sex. When your man wants to be with you intimately, to him it’s the ultimate act of love. Appreciate his view of sex and keep sex a priority.

10. Not Taking Care of Yourself

Your man loves you and wants you to feel healthy and sexy and happy. The number one person to help you feel those things are yourself. Women are naturally giving creatures and tend to put themselves last—which at times means you are lacking sleep, wish you ate better, or don’t have time to do stuff you like. That is unhealthy for you and your relationship.

11. Not Saying ‘Thank You’

Never take your guy for granted. Sure, he’s supposed to go to work and mow the lawn. There are roles you fulfill in the relationship, too. Don’t you think he loves to hear you appreciate his hard work?

12. Having Unrealistic Expectations

You want him to look at you with googly eyes every night. You want him to get 6-pack abs. You want date night to be all flowers and sweet nothings. You want everything to go right. Well, guess what? He’s only human. Allow him to be. We should always shoot for the stars, but be content with what we have.

13. Treating Him Like a Slave

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He wasn’t put on this earth to cater to YOU. So don’t make him do things you could do yourself. Of course, ask for help when you need it. Allow him to do little things for you. But don’t make him carry the weight of the relationship. You need to be all there, too.

14. Not Realizing that Life Happens

When things are going great in life, it’s easy to have a good relationship with your man. But when things happen, like a lost job, or money stress, or horrible neighbors, or a whole list of issues—sometimes we let the negative impact from those things affect how we treat each other. Don’t do it! Realize that life happens. Bad things will happen. Your relationship will be put to the test. It’s how you react that matters.

15. Not Showing Him How Much You Love Him

Say it every day with words and deeds. Be kind, do little things for him, spend time with him, kiss him. Tell him you love him and mean it. Treat him like a king, and you’ll feel like queen.

By Sylvia Smith at Never Liked It Anyway

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