Romance Magazines Get a New Home


If you’ve been following our coverage of Dorchester’s demise, then you know that the publishing giant recently sold off their magazines, True Romance and True Lovewhich according to a recent Publishers Weekly report had, “published more than 12,000 stories, photos and illustrations from the 1920s to 2011.” That’s a lot of content to be at risk of disappearing, so we know that readers will be thrilled to learn that they can find some of these images, stories and more at


This online destination for romance readers has recently been launched by BroadLit, as a spot to spend time reading e-books, accessing online games and more. So, what can you do at Today we take a look at some of the interesting features the site offer for romance lovers.

1) Take a tour of romance throughout the decades  

From the 1920s through the 2000s, TLS offers readers a short look at what was going on during the era, and some free e-reads that really whisk you back to days gone by. For each decade you can read two short stories online!

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