New Mobile Game Gets HAWT Wired

LOS ANGELES (November 1, 2012) — Look out bad boyfriends! Some mighty angry girlfriends are coming and they mean business. BroadLit, a transmedia company delivering romance through a variety of products and distribution channels at , is releasing its first mobile game for iOS and Android. Girlfriends Strike Back is fun for women of all ages — or for anyone who has ever dated! Girlfriends Strike Back engages players with creative animations and gameplay highlighted by the hilarious antics of the characters and engaging levels. It is now available as both a “freemium” game and in a paid version (Premium) for $1.99.

Whether he’s a liar, a flirt, a slob or a jerk who’s never on time, he’s simply a BAD boyfriend who needs to be taught a lesson. The angry girlfriend (the player) is out for a little humorous revenge and ready to play the hottest new mobile game for women.

Women are avid casual game players, yet few of these games are designed specifically for women. Girlfriends Strike Back was developed to deliver a mobile game that busy women could enjoy when they have a few minutes or a few hours to escape from their hectic day.

“Who hasn’t had a bad boyfriend at least once in their lives? This game gives angry girlfriends a chance for revenge all in the name of fun,” says BroadLit’s CEO Cynthia Cleveland.

The gameplay is aimed at shaping up the bad boyfriend. The player’s ammunition includes just about everything you can find in a woman’s purse (hairbrush, compact, lipstick), plus high heels, an expanding rubber ducky and more. Using her tools at hand, the player even launches her ammo with a slingshot that happens to be a bra!

Features include:
* Character driven storyline
* Single player
* Retro cool graphics
* Leaderboards
* 63 levels in the Premium version, 42 in the freemium game
* Achievement awards of extra ammo and virtual flowers, chocolates, flowers, jewelry and more
* Play the game and watch that two-timing boyfriend turn into a rat or that slob of a boyfriend turn into a pig as the player’s score pops to the top of the meter.

Our “angry girlfriend” player uses all of her weapons to cause trouble for Mr. Bad in order to win points on the Bad Boy Stress Meter, achievement awards that buy her more ammo, and bragging rights on the score board. The more she scores, the more he’s sore (and sorry). Using her weapons of MESS destruction, if the player wins enough points, he’ll get out the broom and start sweeping up, and he may even send chocolates!

Girlfriends Strike Back is now available in the U.S. at the App Store, and via Google
Play™ and other Android markets and coming soon on iOS. The game was created by BroadLit’s game division — Broadlicious — and Bitfold Group Game Developers.

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