BFF Breakups: How To Let Go of a Friend

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By Mary Cope

The bond of friendship can be more rewarding than that of some relationships. It is a rarity to find that special someone who truly gets you. A friend who understands your sense of humor, knows all your secrets and you trust like no other. But what happens when there is a shift in the relationship?  What happens when the one person you thought would always be there isn’t?

Here are some tips for letting go of a friendship:

  • When friends part, there is a void in your life.

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Accept the fact that people change and what was once a true meaningful friendship may not be the case any longer. Maybe you are in a different season of life or the similarities you once shared aren’t there anymore. Whatever the reason, don’t play the blame game, sometimes friends just drift apart. When you recognize and acknowledge you both have evolved into different people letting go and moving forward comes easier.

  • If you need to be angry, be angry.

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In the beginning anger may be the driving emotion you experience but try not to let anger consume you. If you wallow in resentment and hate you will deny yourself the freedom of letting go. You are two people who no longer share the same compatibility. There is nothing wrong with that. Accept your differences and try to remember the good times in the friendship. Know in your heart at one time, you shared a bond and were special to each other.

  • Allow yourself time to grieve.

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Feeling sad this person is gone from your life is normal. Mourn what once was, you are suffering the loss of someone you loved and now, for whatever the reason, they are no longer a part of your world. Grief is a part of accepting loss, without grieving we can’t truly move on.

  • Wish them the best.


Some friends are only in our lives for a season. Try to remember your friendship in a positive manner. During the time you shared you enriched each other’s lives. Eventually you will come to terms with the friendship being over.   When you can accept the friendship for what it was, you will be able to wish them well.

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