How To Nail Your Online Dating Profile

From Never Liked It Anyway

514248915 TS Online DatingYeah, you’re on an online dating site… Now what? In the spirit of sisterhood, here are some tips to ensure he’ll swipe right!

Let’s be honest, looks spark his interest.

  • Overexposure is never cool. Unless you’re looking for a “hit and split” situation, (if you are though, rock on, Sister!) think twice about posting pics to your profile that expose more of your body than your personality.
  • Though posting a couple of group photos is cool, it’s pretty dicey if you don’t post recent pics that clearly show your face.
  • Keep the duck lips, fish lips, and finger mustache pics in 2014. BTW, bathroom selfies are a turnoff.

Baring your inner hotness will keep the fires burning.

  • Keep it simple, Beauty! Be clear about who you are and know what makes you fabulous. Share that, but only that. #ownyourawesome
  • It’s a small world… Coworkers, potential bosses, friends, Mr. Right Now, and your future Mr. Right could see your profile. Keep it classy!
  • Save it for the shrink. This is definitely NOT the place to discuss past relationship fails.
  • Put your best face forward but keep it real. We know you’re not a catfish so don’t turn yourself into one by stretching the truth, lying about your age, or over-photoshopping your pics. That’s just nothing but bad karma and who needs that?
  • Have a girlfriend read it before you make your profile public.

So there you have it. Some tips to kickstart your Dating Resolutions with a little class.

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