A Friend in Need


I’m in love with a man named Randy. He is not physcially attractive, but he ThinkstockPhotos-485166405has shown me that it is what’s inside a person that is so important. I always thought that looks were the most important thing–until I met Randy! He has taught me to accept the things I can’t change, and to make the best of them.

I have also always been the type who worries about what everyone else thinks. But Randy isn’t. He loves me for myself, not only for what I try to be; and he makes me feel like a queen inside. It’s all right for me to make mistakes, and Randy helps me learn from them.

When I’m feeling down and depressed, he makes me see the good things in myself, not just the bad; and when I am hurting, he hurts, too. He makes it so easy for me to share my thoughts that, even if they are bad, I can face them with his help.

But one of the most important parts of our relationship is a true friendship tha tmakes our love grow. He is a friend when I am in need, and I feel he is the only person I could live with forever. I trust him with my life, my love, and my heart–and believe me, that’s a secure, loving feeling I’ve never had before. This is how I know I’m in love.

Submitted by Rebecca C. from Claremont, CA

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