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An interview with Faye Hall author

of Mistress of PurityMistress of Purity

Faye Hall, author of Mistress of Purity passion is writing historical erotic romance.  Her novels are set in small Australian townships during the late 1800′s. Hall’s complex stories reveal the hidden history and secrets of rural townships along with deep passion and emotion between her hero and heroine, who are vulnerable to being deceived by those who cross their paths.

TLS: Tell us a little bit about your latest book:

HALL: Mistress of Purity tells the story of two people who share the night in a tavern, indulging the instant attraction they shared.  When Prue, the heroine, sends for Gareth to return to his hometown to claim his inheritance the truth is revealed.  Prue is in fact his father’s surviving widow. Together they uncover the hidden secrets of their family, along with the hunt for the murderer still chasing Prue.  There is also a secondary love story between the bartender and the madam in the tavern.

TLS: Who is your favorite character in your novel and why?

HALL: Prue was a wonderful character to create.  She has a soft and vulnerable side to her, but she struggles so much through this book to keep that hidden and portray a very strong front that she is often far from feeling. She’s also very determined to get revenge on the man who tried to kill her father and is reluctant to let anything get in her way.

TLS: If someone is new to your work, which of your books would you recommend they read first?

HALL: Can I say all of them, LOL.  But seriously, my debut novel, My Gift to You, is a really great book to start being introduced not only to my style of writing, but the backdrop of the rustic Australian environments all my books are set in. My Gift to You tells the tale of a young girl who sees her parents murdered by witch hunters and swears to find those responsible and make them pay.  After being orphaned she is taken in by a family and falls in love with their son.  It’s when the truth of her past comes to light, and the witch hunters return for her that the story takes an interesting twist.

TLS: What intrigues you about writing romance stories?

FAYE: I love creating characters and being able to manipulate their lives and have them jump over multiple hurdles always with the reassurance that they will ultimately have a happily ever after.

TLS: Do you believe people can find a “forever” true love in real life?

HALL: I do…because I did.

TLS: Do you believe in love at first sight?

FAYE: I believe in intrigue at first sight with the hope of love.

TLS: How did you come up with the idea for this book?

HALL: The story is loosely based on how I met my husband and the emotional trauma we were both forced to live through before life finally enabled us to be together.

TLS: What is it about writing that you love?

FAYE: I love creating a whole world where people can get lost in the characters’ lives and escape from their own for a little bit.

TLS: Tell us something that your fans do not already know about you.

HALL: I grew up in a little old farm house in a town with a population of only a few thousand.

TLS: What do you think your fans will like most about reading your latest novel?
Faye Hall
HALL: Mystery of Purity is quite an involved story with quite a bit of scandalous past between the main characters, Prue and Gareth’s families.  There’s also a secondary love story that goes on between two sub characters, Rosie and Tommy that ultimately ties in with the truth behind Prue and Gareth’s own past.


Mistress of Purity by Faye Hall is available on Amazon.

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