Authors Share the Books that Haunt Them

USA Today asked their favorite writers which horror books they enjoy reading themselves on Halloween. Our ladies, Julia Dumont and Devin Morgan had this to say:

Devin Morgan, Aris Returns: A Vampire Love Story

“My favorite scary book is Dracula by Bram Stoker. His words are so rich I can practically taste them. I love reading this novel by candle light. It makes me feel truly trapped in his castle and I can actually see his horrid white face and fearsome fangs moving closer and closer.”


Julia Dumont, Starstruck Romance and other Hollywood Tails

“Out of all the horror novels I’ve read, none terrified me like William March’s The Bad Seed. The idea of a little girl being a murderous psychopath was horrifying … pure evil in a pink party dress. There was a creepy girl down the block named Darla who reminded me of her. I did not sleep a wink the night I finished it and had nightmares for weeks. Even under the covers with my eyes squeezed shut, I kept seeing that face.”

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