Should You Marry Him?


2101011sad brideHow to find out if he’s right for you.

Many states require a blood test for prospective marriage partners, but no state requires any test to determine whether a prospective mate has any personality deficiencies which are much more likely to destroy a union.

Whether you plan to marry a man or live with him first, the following test can help you rate your chances of working out a successful relationship with him, at least so far as your estimate of his capabilities are concerned. Answer these questions about him to the best of your ability. Score each “Yes” answer according to the points assigned. If you answer “No” the point value is zero. Scoring chart at the conclusion of the test will tell you your probability of success in such a relationship, to the extent that he is capable of contributing to it.

1. Is he willing and able to communicate? (10)

  •  Can he express his feelings easily? (5)
  •  Can he explain his needs to you honestly? (5)
  •  Can he express anger without blowing his top? (5)
  •  Is he willing to listen to your needs? (5)
  •  Would he prefer to discuss rather than argue? (5)
  •  Is he willing to compromise or does he insist upon his own way? (5)

2. Is he self-confident? (10)

  •  Does he like himself? (5)
  •  Is he sure of his manhood and his abilities? (5)
  •  Does he acknowledge faults readily? (2)
  •  Does he handle interpersonal relations easily? (2)
  •  Does it take much to fluster him? (3)
  •  Does he speak up for his rights? (3)
  •  Is he sure of himself in his relations with you? (2)

3. Do you find him attractive? (10)

4. How knowledgeable is he about women? (10)

  • Is he considerate of female mood changes, i.e., premenstrual mood swings? (3)
  • Does he know how to respond to your moods without being hit over the head? (2)
  • Is he honest with you but at the same time tactful? (3)
  • Does he try to understand you? (5)

5. Does he have a generous nature? (10)

  • Does he do things that make you happy? (5)
  • Is he interested in giving rather than taking? (5)
  • Is he generous about money or how it is to be spent? (5)
  • Does he have a forgiving disposition? (5)
  • Is he willing to consider your wishes and not insist upon having his own way all the time? (5)

6. Is he flexible? (10)

  • Is he willing and able to change in ways that can improve your relationship? (5)
  • Can he adjust well to new developments? (5)
  • Can he make allowances for your mistakes? (5)
  • Does he adjust well to the new rise in women’s consciousness? (3)
  • If you take on new financial responsibility in the relationship is he willing to share your other burdens at home? (5)

7. Is he free of neurotic jealousy? (10)

  • Can you be pleasant to other men without making him angry? (5)
  • Does he resent time you spend either with your parents or your friends? (5)

8. Is he a good lover? (10)

  • Does he consider your satisfaction before his own? (5)
  • If he is too hasty does he try again as often as necessary to make sure you are gratified? (5)
  • Does he have a healthy, relaxed attitude about sex? (5)
  • Is he a gentle, yet vigorous lover? (5)
  • Does he hold you fondly after he has been satisfied? (5)
  • Is he free of hangups about any particular way to make love? (5)
  • Is he willing to join you in experimenting? (5)

9. If marriage is considered, is he fond of children? (10)

  • Does he have a warm relationship with nieces or nephews or if previously married, with his own children? (5)

10. Is he free of serious traits you find irritating? (10)

  • If you’re a non-smoker is he also? (5)
  • If you’re a non-drinker is he also? (5)
  • Are his manners couth? (5)
  • Is he free of annoying mannerisms such as scratching himself, smirking, or dressing too sloppily? (10)
  • Is his voice pleasant–not nasal, or whining? (5)
  • Are his speech patterns non-embarassing? (5)

11. Is he willing and able to meet your expectations in handling relationships with your family? (10)

  • Is he free of the hate-your-mother-in-law syndrome? (5)
  • Does he make an effort to be pleasant to your relatives? (5)
  • Does he consider your wishes about them at holiday time and not just the wishes of his own parents? (5)
  • Do you feel proud of him when he is with your parents? (5)

Score Yourself!

0-180 Don’t risk it.

181-213 Be prepared for some rough times in the relationship.

214-247 Join him. Chances are good.

248-280 Prospects really bright for a happy relationship.

281-328 Grab the guy quickly before someone else does.



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