Shirtless Bedtime Stories Are Here!

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jesse2They’re sexy. They’re silly. And they’re shirtless! is giving bedtime stories a new twist—they are going shirtless! This week we release the fourth (and final) in a series of videos that offer a wink and an homage to romance novels and the handsome hunks that don so many of their book covers. TruLOVEstories’ fourth Shirtless Bedtime Story, inspired by the short story, Confessions of Candy Apple is below:

When the casting call went out to all interested shirtless actors in Hollywood, over 200 replied. We narrowed the field to 30, and had a really tough day (yeah!) when they all showed up for auditions. We don’t know who was sweating more, the TruLove team or the actors, but we pulled through somehow.

Once hired, we asked our four heart-melting “model” men to read a story from BroadLit’s series of TruLOVE® Collections. They reluctantly agreed, and we caught it all on camera! What happens next is probably not what you’d expect. Each week this month, watch the fantasies of our imaginative stars as they get carried away with their own versions of romance.

“We are delighted to see how much fun a man can have reading his girlfriend’s romance stories, and surprised by how much we all perspired as we watched!” says Barbara Weller, BroadLit’s Chief Marketing Officer.

A new Shirtless Bedtime Story debuted each week for the entire month of November.  All four of these dramatized stories are taken from the pages of BroadLit’s TruLOVE Collections: Falling In Love . . . Again and When Love Sizzles. To read the complete story and many other great romance stories, go to our bookstore and check out the entire TruLove Collection. Each TruLOVE Collection contains a minimum of 13 love stories for and by women of all ages. Each story is true—only the names have been changed to protect the innocent . . .  and the not so innocent.

You can watch all four videos here:

rakshak2Lust With the Proper Stranger 





jamesDelectable Delight: My Lunchtime Rendezvous 




roy1In Love With My Next Door Neighbor




jesse danceConfessions of Candy Apple




It’s really getting HOT in here!

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