3 Beautiful Love Poems For All Your Romantic Moods

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From the archives of True Love Magazine, here are some beautiful poems that were submitted by readers.

Was It Real To You?


When you close your eyes to
sleep tonight,
Will you think of me?
Or will your arms reach out
to pull her close,
And your thoughts just let me be?

Will I just be a memory
Of a night from long ago?
A love affair you carried out
When your spirits were feeling low?

Were the words you spoke
Words that you meant–
Or words you already
Choose to forget?

–Deborah Harper


Good Mornings


Those early mornings when I wake,
And see you lying there;
My heart is filled with gladness,
As I gently stroke your hair.

I like to be beside you,
And kiss you till you wake;
Wrap my love around you,
While I wait for dawn to break.

Then happily I trace your lips–
It helps me pass the time–
Until you slowly come to life,
And once again, you’re mine.

–Pat Poehler


Why You Love This Man


How do you not love a man
Who has given you everything in life?

The inspiration to do and be
All that you are capable of.

The friendship to share and enjoy
The wonders of life.

The support to hold you afloat
When life seems to pull you down.

The compliments that make you feel
You are the most beautiful woman.

The love that makes you glow
Like you swallowed the stars.

Why do you love this man?
Because you cannot help it.

–Betty Hunter

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