9 Steps To Successful Dating


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Dating has always been an opportunity to meet a wide variety of people and look for the right person; the one who is likely to make you happy for the rest of your life. Modern technology may have made it easier to meet people from anywhere in the world, or even to find your perfect match, according to a computer. However, it cannot help you to date successfully and hang on to the perfect partner. The following tips are a good source of relationship advice and can help you successfully date the person of your dreams:

1. Communication is fundamental

Communication in relationships of any sort is one of the most essential traits. You must do more than simply talk about how nice their eyes are or how great the film was. Communicating effectively requires you to open up and talk to them about the things which are important to you. It doesn’t matter whether it is regarding the level of sex in your relationship or your dreams to be the next President. Communicating effectively will ensure you have found someone who knows you and wants to be with you, just the way you are.

2. Be spontaneous

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The first stage of any relationship generally involves a large amount of spontaneous sex and other activities. Unfortunately, as you grow older and the relationship matures it becomes more difficult to maintain this level of spontaneity; other commitments get in the way. Try to hold onto this feeling for as long as possible by going out regularly; when you are out forget about everything else and go where the wind takes you!

3. Abandon traditions

The traditional couple has a male breadwinner and a female cook, cleaner and home maker. This stereotype is no longer valid in the modern society. The best relationship advice you can have is to forget all traditions and what works for other couples. Share your dreams and work towards them together. You will be able to support each other and your dreams can come true.

4. Work hard and fight for the person you like

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Relationships require work. It is simply not possible to get along all the time, especially as difficult decisions need to be made and other influences come into play. No matter what happens you must be prepared to put in the work and find a way through the difficult times; the good times will be worth it. The opposite of this is that whenever you have the opportunity you should also play hard. Your free time can be used to enjoy each other’s company and indulge in any activity which takes both of your fancy.

5. Believe in the right one

You need to believe that the right one is out there; you just need to find them. Do not wait for them to find you and do not be afraid to end a relationship which is clearly not working for you. The idea behind dating is to try several different people until you find the right one.

6. Acknowledge that every relationship is unique

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Just as every person is unique, so is every relationship. What works for your friends or worked for you in a past relationship may not work in your current one. To date successfully you must be aware of your partner’s needs and personality; the way this matches yours will dictate how your relationship will work. There is no right or wrong path; just the one that works for you.

7. Be open to new experiences

No matter how long you have been dating, there will be opportunities to experience something new and different. Always seize these opportunities, they can broaden your horizons and strengthen your relationship, even if it is something that you do not enjoy!

8. Showcase an honest, fun attitude

It’s fundamental to be honest when jumping into a new relationship. Date someone you truly like and let them to get to know the real you. Don’t hide your personality; if they like what they see they might also like what’s underneath the surface.

9. Laugh

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Laughing is good at a date. It shows that you’re enjoying the person sitting in front of you, not to mention that it’s the perfect opportunity for you to show that you have a sense of humor too. Laughter loosens the stressful ambiance created at a date. It makes people relax and enjoy the moment. This is the perfect opportunity to talk more, open yourself up and let your personality shine.

Dating someone nice is challenging these days. We live in a world of advanced technology where most people socialize online. If you want to meet someone special, you need to do it face to face. In the virtual world what you see is not what you get, so it’s always best to be careful when going out with someone you know nothing about.

Written by Sylvia Smith 

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