You’ve Gotta Love This Barnes & Noble Nook Sale!

They say good things come to those who wait and we’ve made you wait long enough for a sale like this. Five great Nook Books are now available on Barnes and Noble at a discounted price. Hurry, the sale only lasts until the 15th of February!


Layout 1 (Page 1)Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers $2.99

Cynthia Amas has her hands full. In the middle of launching a boutique matchmaking service – Second Acts — amid the sun, surf, and celebrities of Southern California, her own romantic life gets a whole lot more complicated…and steamy. While expertly juggling the needs of her exclusive clients,her own maddeningly irresistible bad-boy, sometime lover unexpectedly returns for a hot and heavy reunion. Buy on Barnes and Noble

Layout 1 (Page 1)Aris Returns: A Vampire Love Story $2.99

Psychologist Sarah Hagan thought she had her life under control. She pulled herself together after a painful (and unexpected) divorce. She’s currently dating a successful but neglectful attorney—a relationship that is adequate, if not totally satisfying. Buy on Barnes and Noble


True_Romance_logoBattlefield of Love $1.99

Love.  War.  Pain. Passion. Relationships lost. Romance rekindled. Many generations of Americans have struggled with sending loved ones into battle and taking care of them when they return. Yet all of the stories in this collection have the same theme—whether they are about World War II, Vietnam, or the Gulf War—love is critical to our survival.   Buy on Barnes and Noble


TR_LoveLaughter_CvrFINALsmaller-300x463True Romance Love and Laughter $1.99

Many of the relationships in these eleven stories begin as serious tales of rejected advances, broken engagements, sexless marriages and cheating husbands, but just when a happy ending seems impossible, a little laughter brings about a positive outcome! A shallow woman fixated on meeting a handsome but oblivious stranger is charmed instead by a persistent funny guy with a winning personality. Buy on Barnes and Noble


TU-TheTempting_FINAL3Front-Home-Page-Size-300x459The Tempting: Seducing the Nephilim $2.99

Eve Dowling left Thibodaux Hospital and never looked back. She didn’t want to look back… ever. She and her son Philip moved into the west wing of the Gregiore Estate mansion with husband-to-be, Beau Le Masters and, by all appearances, they were already the perfect, happy family. Buy on Barnes and Noble

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