How Bad Sex Is Like…Golf

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Golf Player

There are a few things we like and a few things we don’t. Golf and bad sex are at the top of the “do not like” list (unless it’s mini golf, hell yeah!). Here’s a few reasons how golf (playing, watching, any of the above) can be like bad sex.

It takes forever

There is a certain cut off point where sex goes from fun to just stop trying already. Just like fetch, stop trying to make it happen, it’s not going to happen!

I’d rather be on a golf cart

It looks a lot more fun than this lolly-gagging laziness and hanging out and puttin’ around. Need a little more excitement than what’s going on here.

I’d also rather be drinking in the club

Not sure why I’d wake up early or leave another party early to be here in this snooze-fest. Bring on the alcohol, maybe I’ll go party with those people instead and stay at hole 12 (and hopefully your hole isn’t hole 12 for the day which may explain why this is going so badly now).

golf coupleStupid outfits

Just get me out of this as quickly as possible. Why is this even necessary when it makes getting from A to B more difficult. Rip them off of me please and let’s get this going.

There’s lots of guys

Wait…this actually might not be a bad thing. We’re unsure. Whatever you’re into.

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