8 Things “Clueless” Taught Us About Dating


By Brianna Porter 

Clueless is a 1995 film about a privileged white girl who isn’t as annoying as you’d imagine she’d be. In fact, when it comes to Cher’s relationship troubles, we relate to her quite a bit (and we will always envy Alicia Silverstone’s flawless hair. Also, where can we get her wardrobe? Like, all of it.) Aside from the fact that most of the movie’s quotes still come in handy in everyday life (even though most of it is dated- as if that’ll make us stop), and the fact that the late Brittany Murphy is a majorly awesome scene-stealer, Clueless is more than just what it appears on the surface. It is, in fact, a heart-warming, hilarious, and reminiscent ode to dating, first loves, and avoiding f*ckboys. Here are 8 important lessons in dating and relationships that stand the test of time- and don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you want to rewatch the movie afterwards for about the fiftieth time. But “there goes your social life”!

1. Make boys think you’re a real Betty Crocker. Just don’t burn anything. 


2. Having standards does not equal being prude. 


3. Not everyone’s going to be into you, regardless of your hair. (And spoiler alert: they might just be gay). 


4. Sometimes you have to get a little aggressive when the f*ckboys come around. 


5. One good trick to snag a man — eat food sensually. 


6. If someone doesn’t like you, accept that it’s their loss and move on.


7. Don’t be oblivious to the signs from people around you. You just never know who might be into you. 


8. When the time is right, you’ll have an epiphany. Act on it!


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