Top 5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations…According to Kids.

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We asked 19 different children of various ages and locations to answer a question about romance. What do you think a honeymoon is? Once we explained  to those who didn’t know, we asked them a follow-up question. “If you could choose to go anywhere on your honeymoon, where would you go, and why?”

We got some hilarious responses and wanted to share some of our favorites below. A few of these destinations aren’t  half bad and might make for a fun and memorable honeymoon. Enjoy!


houseBrooke (age 5) Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Grandma’s house! She’s nice. “



Adam (age 10) Omaha, Nebraska

karate“ I would go to Hong Kong. Each person could take turns learning karate and eating sushi. I love sushi.”



Abby (age 7) Kansas City, Missouri

texasmouse“I would go to Texas or Chuck E Cheese. Because you should always go with someone you love. “




Patrick (age 5), Darien, Connecticut

whale“I want to go to Sea World.” –gave no reason




Chloe (age 12) Los Angeles, CA

australia“Las Vegas . I would want to see some concerts and shows. Hawaii would probably be fun, too. Oh my God, I would totally go to Australia!”

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