What’s Hot in Romance This Week?




By Mary Cope50 shades

So, what’s hot in romance?

According to the public, it’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Presidents’ Day weekend opened to the much anticipated movie. Love it or hate it, the E.L. James book-turned-movie made box office history grossing more than $300 million worldwide.

All that said, sex sells, but what is the allure that surrounds Fifty Shades?

Curiosity? Romance? Kink?

Fifty Shades of Grey brought erotic romance out into the open. The once taboo and secretive subject of kinky sex was now more acceptable. The phenomenon of Fifty Shades sparked people’s interest and conversation. Women in their twenties, middle-aged moms, and even grandmothers began discussing sex more openly. Yes! Fifty Shades of Grey got people talking.

If you haven’t read the book (not great writing, but if you like great S&M sex scenes, it’s worth a read) or seen the movie, here is a brief synopsis.

The college student Anastasia Steele meets the wealthy Christian Grey. He is drawn to her innocence and she is intrigued by him. And, why wouldn’t she be? He’s rich, handsome and powerful. But, he doesn’t do “romance.” His taste in sex is singular. Singular in the fact he enjoys taking her to his “playroom,” which consists of ropes, whips, floggers, plenty of blindfolds, and much, much more. This guy clearly has problems!

The emotionally troubled billionaire explains that he is a “dominant” and needs the control in which this sexual lifestyle brings. He wants the innocent Anastasia to become his submissive. Christian requires a contract of consent from Anastasia and after reviewing and approving what she will and won’t partake in, she becomes his submissive. In return, Anastasia receives the devotion of the emotionally flawed Christian. Naïve Anastasia falls in love with the messed-up billionaire. That is, until a much too painful spanking causes her to leave the broken Christian behind.

Spank, spank…where is the love?

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