4. Infatuation With a Total Jerk!

I met Max in high school advanced chemistry class.  I was a new student. My feet rested on the foot-rest bar under Max’s chair, and his chair was further back than where he usually sat.  He came in, looked at me and said, “Oh, hi!  You’re new!”

“And your fly’s open!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, I beg your pardon!  So it is!”  He turned his back to me, zipped up and wasn’t looking where his chair was, sat down-     falling on his rump upon the floor!

“I’m so sorry!  I had my feet under your chair!”  I laughed!

“I’d better look at my chair from now on!”

I fell madly in love!  He showed me where my next class was.  Whenever we met in the hall, he had a quick smile and greeting for me.  He was student body vice president and he read all of the announcements over the loud speaker first thing in the morning.  To me, he was a rock star!

Then, he asked me to attend a non-denominational youth club.  I accepted and started going to meetings with him.  I also joined the before-school weekly Bible Study with him.

We dated.  It took him four months before he kissed me.  He didn’t ask me to homecoming, so I asked him.  My brunette hair was done professionally, high atop my head, being it 1969.  Little yellow silk bows were pinned inside each curl in my hairdo.  We dated with two other couples.  Max kept teasing me about my hair and dress.  He poked me in the ribs elbow and index finger.

“Do you think if I untie one bow your entire hairdo will fall?  Let’s find out!”

He made me nauseous when he made fun of the marabou on my cuffs and around my U-neckline.  I had felt like a million dollars until I was with him that night.  We ate at a seafood restaurant, and the entire evening is a blank from then on.

Max told me not to come up to him and hold hands in school because he was V.P. and needed to be friends with everybody-   boys -  and girls, alike!

He continued taking girls to the youth group, he told me he was trying to bring them to know God.  I was a schmuck!  He wanted to save souls of females-  only!

We dated six months.  I saw him one Friday night, and Monday at school, there Max was with Julia hanging all over him, him holding her hand, and his arm was around her.

“What do you think of Max and Julia going together now?” I was asked.

After graduation, Max contacted me, but I’d met my husband by then, could talk about nothing, except Jason, and went on to marry Jacob.

Every ten years, Max called me to beg me to go to class reunions.  When I was 48, I finally hung up on him!

He never called again.  Sweet revenge, bad boyfriend!

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