Birth of Pencilvania

A Bit of History

Long ago in a far away place (which is rumored to be a few hours outside of Pittsburgh or, perhaps, somewhere near Cumberland, England) lies a place called Pencilvania.  Over the eons, Pencilvania evolved in its own way and in its own time.

But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.  We should start at the beginning.

In the beginning, the Sharper Image in the Sky said, “Let there be a place made entirely of parchment.”  And so for millions (maybe even billions) of years there was a rather boring land of pasty looking parchment that spread across miles and miles of monotonously white plains (not to be confused with White Plains). Eventually, the Sharper Image in the Sky realized that he had created a pretty dull place.  Something, if not everything, was missing.  This land needed squiggly things and scribbles, bumpy lines and bold blurps, color and chaos and much, much more!

“Let there be Pencils,” he commanded.  At first it began with only a few tentative swirls and brief dots and dashes, but soon there was no end to the wildly  imaginative world that evolved.  Before you knew it, there were cavemen pencils and cannibals, clowns and clairvoyants.  Then came the sylphs, the sinners and the saints.

Centuries passed and as the Age of Enlightenment dawned halfway across the world in France, one very bright blue pencil invented blueprints.  That meant that buildings and battleships, bargain basements, grocery stores and gas stations, theaters and telemarketers could be united in a fantastic city that, of course, was named Pencilvania.  Blueprints and the ideas they expressed completely changed everything!

As civilization expanded in Pencilvania, things turned red and love was in bloom. But, with love, comes complication, twisted relationships and couples drawn to the forbidden fruits of desire and a lust for lead.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for word to get out and Pencilvania quickly became a destination spot for the adventurous.  Soon Pencilvania was teaming with tourists and Texans, fine lines and fine wines, graphic and graphite love stories where passion is never erased – all drawing attention to a fantastic world that can only be found in a vivid imagination.

Welcome to Pencilvania!  A place where love (and obsession) will never be pointless.

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