Introducing Pencilvania

Where There’s a Point to Love

Today we want to introduce you to the imaginary world of Pencilvania created by award-winning artist and humorist, Jayme Odgers.

It has been said that “everything begins with a pencil.”  That’s completely true for the world of Pencilvania.  It is a state of mind, a place imagined, a world not unlike our own that is completely inhabited by pencils with personalities, passions, problems and points of view that draw us into their lives and make us laugh.


Why pencils? Why not the usual characters? Odgers feels that pencils are characters and have a great deal to say about the human condition having been with us for centuries. The plight of the pencils is a comic metaphor for our own fully leaded lives and relationships.

In our own complicated and overly connected world, the pencil is the perfect symbol of simplicity.  Even as technology conquers outer space and “ram” space, the pencil is alive and well and popular with people of all ages.

Most of all, Odger’s entertaining panels of pencils acting out remind us all how simple it is to have fun, and that fun begins with a pencil. For over twenty-five years he’s had a love (maybe even an obsession) for pencils. That passion for pencils has resulted in over 700 Pencilvania drawings.

His beautiful illustrations and quirky humor offer readers a warm smile and an insightful giggle with your morning (or midnight) cup of coffee.

We invite you to explore our Pencilvania Gallery  and draw your own conclusions.

The Birth of Pencilvania

Jayme Odgers Biography

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