Bedroom Roulette Reviews

Get Your Summer Reading List Started: Bedroom Roulette

This TruLove collection of 13 True Stories from woman in the 70s taken from the subscriber databases of True Romance and True Love Magazine was both interesting and like a walk through the history of women.

The 70s was a time of sexual revelation and the woman of America were torn between the oppression they had been experiencing and their new found freedom of equality and these stories tell it all.

Some of the titles included:

My Husband’s Love Potion from Vietnam
I Don’t Want Custody of My Children
Three In A Bed
The Pill That Failed
And We Are Just Two Girls In Love With Each Other

My favorite was  The Game Suburban Housewives Play. While the husbands are at work and the wives are busy playing Suzy Homemaker, they socialize with the construction men working in the area. So very Desperate Housewives. LOVED IT!

The collection of stories made me laugh, made me angry, made me sad, these woman are all amazing and I thank Ron Hogan for putting them all together.  Brilliant idea and I can’t wait to really sift through the TruLove Stories website and check out all of the decades.

– Maria Gagliano, 

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