Walls of Love: The Art(work) of Romance

Cover your walls with love and romance with one of the 60-plus images available on Still famous today for their lushly-colored cover art, True Romance and True Love were the first celebrity-gossip magazines.  Both were originally devoted to tales of love “written by real people, not paid writers.” Eventually their editorial coverage was expanded to include the love lives of movie stars.  This bold idea of publisher Bernarr Macfadden – who began his publishing empire back in 1919 – proved so wildly successful that his magazines had the highest circulation numbers of any in the industry.  The signature covers of all his magazines were often photographs that had been enhanced by hand-painting.

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Opposites Attract: Magnetize Your Love

Nothing gets more compliments than a witty magnet. Now you can line your fridge with the sass and attitude a TruLOVE stories magnet will bring. Six classic magazine cover images grace the front of these magnets, along with a memorable statement from today’s modern woman. Visit Emphemera to purchase.


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16-month Calendar. A Date with Romance!

With thousands of new romance book titles published every year, and millions of adoring readers, bloggers, and moviegoers, the romance genre is as popular now as it ever was. This fabulous 16-month calendar, illustrated with the glamorous sirens of vintage magazine covers like True Love Stories and True Love and Romance, showcases three decades’ worth of first love, true love, and lasting.


These marvelous images are a reminder that love can happen any day of the year. The True Romance 2013-2014 Calendar includes 16-months of eye-catching, kitschy images from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s and a free e-novella offer inside! Perfect for anyone who believes in true love.

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True Romance and True Love Magazines

If you love getting lost in stories of modern romance, look no further than to True Romance. Catering to a young female readership, the magazine is filled with stories touching on every emotion you can imagine. True Romance will feed your passions for tales that are happy, sad, suspenseful and intriguing. Published with a touch of erotica, each issue will keep you guessing about what will come next. Buy Now

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