Bedroom Roulette

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What was love really like in the 1970s? Women were marching forward in the Women’s Movement, “bringing home the bacon,” exercising their newfound sexual freedom, and still searching for true love. Introducing, Bedroom Roulette, the latest book in the TruLOVE Collection series, guest edited by romance book expert Ron Hogan.

Bedroom Roulette is a collection of 13 love stories focused on the changing lives, loves and careers of women in the ‘70s. It’s hard to resist these tantalizing tales with titles like:

· “Bedroom Roulette – The Game Suburban Housewives Play”

· “We Joined Our Teenage Daughter at a Free-Love Farm”

· “The Night My Husband Demanded an Orgy”

· “Why Not? We Used To Be Married”

Hogan provides a revealing look at various kinds of love stories from the early 1970s in America. Topics that were previously taboo were now being discussed in “polite” society. The sexual revolution was in full swing and the feminist movement was taking hold. Pop culture is alive and well in Bedroom Roulette as it gives readers a “fly on the wall” peek at a pivotal moment in American cultural history. Many of the stories included in this TruLOVE Collection will surprise—and possibly shock–the reader.

There are many surprises and a lot of passion-filled twists in this selection of snapshots of what was on America’s mind at a pivotal moment in American cultural history. So if you love to peek through the curtains of other people’s bedrooms (metaphorically speaking), you will definitely get a thrill from reading about how free “free love” really was!

Why Not? We Used To Be Married

Angie’s first husband—the one she married straight out of high school, and divorced less than a year later, —is back in town.

“We had been lovers before; we had been users of grass and once in a while, acid. We had loved to speed around on Keith’s motorcycle, me on the sissy seat in back, and we had loved camping out, sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open fire. We did those things before we got married—my mother knew I was involved in a sexual affair but she really didn’t care. And we continued to do them after we were married.”

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We’re Just Two Girls in Love–With Each Other

Cara is accepting of Edie’s sexuality… although she’s still convinced Edie could be quite pretty if she just allowed herself to be more feminine.

“Two women sharing an apartment was a situation so common in that crowded, expensive city, that it couldn’t possibly cause any comment. And Edie was as good as her word. About everything. She pampered me as if I were a baby myself. She made me give up my job instantly, saying that it wasn’t good for the baby, me constantly on my feet and lugging heavy trays. Edie made enough money to support us both in a modest fashion, and she shared it generously with me.”


Someone is Making Obscene Phone Calls to My Wife

Is it our son?

“Amy and I got married, and right from the beginning Alex hated her. He treated her like a housekeeper rather than my wife. Amy had gotten herself some son: an eleven year-old who looked at her with cold eyes of hate whenever she so much as put her hand on my arm. It was soon after that Saturday morning that the phone calls started.”


About the Editor:

Ron Hogan Biography

Ron Hogan co-founded Lady Jane’s Salon, a monthly reading series dedicated to romance fiction, and has been its primary host since 2009. He’s also produced literary events throughout New York City, and was one of the first people to launch a book-related website, In addition to digging through the TruLoveStories archives for great stories, he publishes a digital magazine (also called Beatrice!) of interviews with some of today’s best writers.

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