Life in the 80s

The superwomen have arrived! And they mean business. Striding into court, the boardroom and the corner office, immaculately turned out in power suits, accessorized with a status watch, designer bag and keys to the beamer, the women of the 1980s exuded confidence and success. They surpassed their mothers’ wildest dreams. There were no limits to what they could accomplish.  Working round-the-clock ensured their flawless performance — mistakes were not an option! But it left little time for themselves — or anyone else. How were they going to fit everything in — a career, a relationship, marriage and children? Could they have it all?  If so, how would they stay awake? Read More

The Rose I Never Gave My Wife

rose I never gave my wife


Dateline: May 1981

As I looked out the window, I noticed that the sky was cloudy. It looked as though it might rain. But it was Mother’s Day and I had promised my mother I’d be over with the kids. I had sent over a dozen red roses that I had bought for my mother—just as I had done every years since I got my first job. Read More

WANTED: A Dream Lover


dream loverHe was my blind date but was he that special man?

Dateline: March 1988

Allyson had been bugging me to run an ad in the personal column in the newspaper for weeks, and I finally agreed, mostly to get her off my case. She was delightfully ditzy, a concerned, loving friend whom I valued highly. She was very pregnant, exuding a radiance and euphoria that made me happy for her and miserable for me.
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In the mood for romance