Life in the 50s

Women faced many challenges in the 1950s. True, there was the comfort and stability that comes from peace, a booming economy, a happy marriage and a house full of children. Yet, there were so many contradictory messages. Happiness was supposed to come from being a homemaker – a wife, a mother, yet being a “career girl” was gaining popularity. Read More

Relationship Advice From the ’50s


By Jane Evans
For years, people have had questions about love, romance, marriage, money and self-worth. The specifics may have changed, but the heart of the questions remain the same. Jane Evans was an advice columnists whose advice still holds up today. The following column was taken from the March, 1956 issue of True Love Magazine:

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What’s Your Answer??? True Love Stories Questionnaire


From the January 1956 issue of True Love Stories Magazine:

A true case faithfully reported and analyzed by a counselor Read More

My Best Friend’s Husband

Sensual coupleDivorce had brought Stella into the arms of a man she had no right to want.

Dateline: January 1952

From the train window I could see the arid reaches of Nevada, yellow gray in the late sun­light, stretching as far as the eye could see to the distant mountains that hung motionless and unreal against the sky. As quiet and gray and barren as my own heart, I thought. As barren as all the years ahead of me—as all the years behind! Read More

I’ll Take Him Back–At Any Price

JealousyA cheating husband is nothing new, but what happens when one woman becomes a force to be reckoned with as she takes on the other woman and fights for her marriage?

Dateline: January 1956

When a husband strays into the arms of another (usually a much younger) woman, there are two options: throw the jerk out or fight for what’s rightfully yours. Read More

In the mood for romance