Life in the 70s

The Women’s Movement was on fire. Real change was happening! Female stereotypes– and their underlying assumptions — were crushed. A new magazine, MS, written by and for women, celebrated women’s independence. No recipes or tips on being a good wife in this magazine! Women’s lives were theirs to create. Freedom was sweet, but answering the question “What do I really want?” required introspection. Luckily, self-help books and encounter groups guided the path to self-awareness.  Marriage ceased to be the ultimate dream. And unsatisfying marriages could be ended — now that we earned our own money! The women of the 1970s were assertive, bold and unstoppable! Read More

A Madman Tried to Replace My Husband


madman tried to replace my husbandDateline: May 1970

After three weeks and four days of no word from my husband, Val, in Vietnam—right on top of the mail in my box was an overseas letter. I unlocked the foyer door and ran headlong up the flight of stairs to my apartment, ecstatic with relief. I dumped my grocery sacks and the rest of the mail every-which-way on the daybed and started to tear open that letter. Read More

My Mother’s Lover is My Husband!

1She knew Mom was promiscuous, so did everyone else, but she never dreamed her mother would seduce her husband.

Dateline: May 1970

Beth’s father (who is separated from her mother) likes to think of Mom as “overflowing with love.” Beth feels a mixture of anger, pity and, occasionally, love – she is her mother after all. Read More

In the mood for romance