Radio Drama

In the radio days of the 1930’s and 1940’s, the family gathered around the Zenith at night only to be spellbound as they listened to the dramatized tales of adventure, thrillers and torrid romances. The mood, emotions, and excitement these elaborate radio dramas elicited are timeless, and we still enjoy some of the shows from radio drama’s heyday — The Shadow,Suspense, and Whistler.

In the spirit of these classic radio plays, BroadlLit has created its own radio drama with a vintage romance story from the past.


Atonement–Bill wasn’t a bad kid, he was just mixed up. And sometimes mix ups lead to mistakes that change a person’s life forever. What you do with the life given to you after those mistakes defines you. Can Bill atone for what he has done? Will it matter? Listen to Atonement Here



The Hold-Up Man

Rose loved Phil and had promised to marry him. She was fond of Dan, however–too fond to sacrifice him to save herself. She seemed to be caught in a trap from which there was no escape.
Listen to the Hold-Up Man Here


That Crazy Girl–Transport yourself back to an earlier time where male pilots ruled the air and the skies were “no place for a woman.” That is, until Myra Starr Gary changed the world of men. Enjoy our podcast of That Crazy Girl