Life in the 60s

Hold on to your seats, the 1960s were a wild ride! We eased into the decade gently, confident that conservative values, traditional roles, and classic clothes still prevailed. We were an affluent society, enjoying the fruits of a flourishing economy. Yet our new young president,  John Kennedy, urged us to embrace self-sacrifice over selfishness, to work together to eliminate injustice and inequality. He set the tone for change, but no one was prepared for the social upheaval that would ensue. Read More

Wife Swap Clubs: A 1960′s Scandal

From the pages of the October 1962, True Love Magazine, the following article on wife swap clubs was published:

The characters and places in the accompanying story have been fictionalized to protect the innocent. But, fantastic as they may sound, the events in this story are true. They happen all the time, all over the United States—perhaps even in your neighborhood. And the story is usually the same. Here, for example, is the way one recently exposed wife-swapping operation worked: Read More

Drawn to Other Men

drawn to other menI was out for a wild gay time. I was going to follow in my parents’ footsteps and I didn’t care who got hurt.

Dateline: February 1965

Her father was an alcoholic, her mother a prostitute. With “evil” in her blood, how could Jana ever be anything but bad?  Wasn’t her fate pre-ordained? Read More

9 Months Pregnant Yet I Dared Get Married in a White Gown…

Expecting brideThe priest was furious at me. He snapped, “How dare you profane the church with this shabby mockery?”

Dateline: March 1969

She fell in love with a Jewish man. Her parents forbid her from marrying him. Shocked by their hypocrisy, Joanne defies them, and marries Alan in a civil ceremony. Read More

In the mood for romance