How I Know I’m In Love

How do you know that this crazy, wonderful feeling is the real thing? Share your experience with others. Tell us in 300 words or less. Send your submissions to and we’ll go over each submission. If we select yours, we’ll feature right here on our site and we’ll send you a free romance e-book!

Here are the previous winners:

77742165Mother Knows Best

My story is not a fairy tale romance. I had my fair share of dates growing up, but I always seemed to pick losers of one type or another. Eventually, all of my friends got married and started their families. Read More


Online Sex AppealThinkstockPhotos-101830408

The day I posted my profile and picture I got an incredible amount of responses. It gave my ego a little boost to know that this many single men in my area were interested in me. Read More

A Thousand Bucks For A Kiss?ThinkstockPhotos-101723691crop

I wondered what my last kiss should be like. Closed-mouth? A little tongue? Full-on, backseat-of-dad’s-car-prom-night-frenching? I guess it depends on how much my lips went for…and how good-looking he was. Read More


1071187Curse of the Wallflower

I had always been a shy, gawky adolescent, sure no boy could ever find me attractive. As I grew older, that insecurity with men remained and I had few dates. Read More


ThinkstockPhotos-485166405A Friend In Need

I’m in love with a man named Randy. He is not physcially attractive, but he has shown me that it is what’s inside a person that is so important. Read More


ThinkstockPhotos-503154329The Richest of Men

I was raised in a large, loving family; but, unfortunately, we were very poor. As a result, my dream was to marry a rich man, so that I could have everything I had to go without as a child. Read More


ThinkstockPhotos-490262525Love On The Line

The first and only time I ever fell in love was when I met Dennis, but the strange thing about it was that I didn’t meet him face to face. Read More