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Amy Schumer Moments

With her quick wit and girl-next-door demeanor, Amy Schumer is taking the comedy world by storm--one sick and twisted sex joke at a time. Here are 5 of our favorites.... Read more

New Movies To Love

What's new in the world of cinema? From quirky indie romance, to big budget spy thrillers, we have you covered on your next date night!... Read more

Internet Withdrawal

Is "Internet withdrawal" a real thing? As someone who actually remembers the days before computers, it is astounding to realize how dependent on technology we are in our daily routines... Read more

News We Love

Advice from the 50s

For years, people have had questions about love, romance, marriage, money and self-worth. The specifics may have changed, but the heart of the questions remain the same.... Read more

Laura Linney

Laura can now be seen starring opposite Ian McKellan in the Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Mr. Holmes. The film opened on July 17(2015) and the reviews have been positive.... Read more

My Sexy Knight

Aaron meant everything to me, and I thought we were inseparable. As I viewed things, we were destined to walk down the aisle together and raise several children in a loving household.... Read more

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Love in Many Forms

Summer Movie Recap!

This summer promises to be one of the most spectacular movie-going seasons in years. We have you covered on what you should see as things heat up!... Read more

Ooh La La! Shirtless Bedtime Stories is giving bedtime stories a new twist—they are going shirtless! 4 Sexy Guys entertain you with their fantasies. ... Read more

Destination Weddings

Can you really save money with a destination wedding? 1 in 10 weddings now feature an exotic locale, so obviously the savings are real.... Read more

Love Series

Too Skinny For Sex

"That evening, as I made love to my husband, for the very first time, I imagined that he was Lance . . . Lance’s hands roaming my body, Lance holding me..."... Read more

She Hit A Homerun

He tipped back his bottle, draining it, and set it on the bar. He’s coming this way! Nervously tapping my freshly polished nail on my bottle, I held my breath. ... Read more

Too Big For Love?

I’ve been with quite a few men and they seemed to run the gamut in that area, but this guy is in a big league of his own. I mean, this thing is a monster.... Read more


Ordinary Ways To Find Romance

Grace and Frankie

Take Our Love Quizes

What Are You?

Which Romance Novel Are You? Ever felt like your story mirrored that of a Romance Novel? Take our quiz here to see what kind of Romance Novel you are!... Read more

Should You Marry?

Whether you plan to marry a man or live with him first, the following test can help you rate your chances of working out a successful relationship with him... Read more

Which RomCom Are You?--Take The Quiz

Do you see yourself as more of a Casablanca gal or a Notebook kind of guy? Take our quiz and find out ... Read more

Shirtless Bedtime Stories

Confessions of Candy Apple

In Love With My Next Door Neighbor!


trulove collection

Women Undone: While the ’70s were about equal rights and the sexual revolution, women in the ’80s were more concerned about their economic situation.... Read More

Vampire Romance

Sarah can no longer ignore the Immortal Aris, who has tracked her through the centuries so they can be reunited as lovers for the rest of time. ... Read More

Second Acts Series

An intrepid young matchmaker in Hollywood sparks chemistry with an old flame, an ex-flame and an A-list actor, all while finding love for her clients... Read More

A Century of Love

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