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Vintage Romance

From 1965: Sold At Auction! "What am I offered for this luscious bit of femininity?" Lola chanted. "She walks. She talks. She dances and plays post office.... Read more

Our Favorite Sheroes

Jessica Lange Doesn't Monkey Around. Not many actresses can capture the heart of Hollywood’s biggest stars. And Jessica Lange captured the heart of the biggest.... Read more

Bedtime Stories

Coming Soon--Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your boyfriend read your romance stories to you? How interested would he be? Would he go all the way?... Read more

Dating Blog

Beat it! This Braniac is a Maniac--My fiancé hates my friends. I don’t know exactly what his problem is, but he is just so judgmental. He's a true intellectual...... Read more

Novel Viewpoints

Descriptive Words for the Unwise--Misguided use of adverbs and adjectives can suck the life out of prose, and here is a partial list of my pet peeves.... Read more

Who Did It Best?

History has a way of repeating itself, and Hollywood follows the same rules. So many actors have played the same roles throughout time, so we wanted to ask, who was the best?... Read more

Our Favorite Romantic Web Series

Emma Approved


True Love

Dating Blog

Love, Lies and Dating presents: Grrr! Man Loves Dog More Than Her. Dear Second Acts, My boyfriend has a Wheaten Terrier named Brigit. He really loves that dog.... Read more

Our Favorite Sheroes

Meryl Streep: She’s a National Treasure--Considered by many to be the greatest actress of all time, Meryl has the rare gift of being talented, humble, ambitious... Read more

Vintage Romance

The Rose I Never Gave My Wife--My mind went back to another Mother's Day. It seemed so very long ago and yet it was just a few short years.... Read more

Love Stories

Blind Date

Wanted: A Dream Lover--Allyson had been bugging me to run an ad in the personal column in the newspaper for weeks, and I finally agreed... Read more

Guns N' Exes

It all started when my friend, Reagan Dunlap, showed me the two bullets. The brass casings seemed to be staring at me, daring me to pick them up.... Read more


Who’s developing your family photos? He knew so much about us. Things I would never have told him. He knew intimate details. He invaded our lives.... Read more

At The Movies

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

My Old Lady

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What Are You?

Which Romance Novel Are You? Ever felt like your story mirrored that of a Romance Novel? Take our quiz here to see what kind of Romance Novel you are!... Read more

Celebrity Dating Quiz

How well do you remember who has hooked up with whom in Hollywood? Take our Celebrity Dating Quiz to test your knowledge. We might even surprise you...... Read more

What About Him?

So what do women really want in a man? Money? Looks? Brains? Fancy Car? Take our quiz here and tell us. You might be surprised with yourself!... Read more


When Love Sizzles

Lust With The Proper Stranger: Have you ever wanted to break free from being a "good girl" and have an uninhibited fling with a sexy stranger? ... Read More

Paranormal Romance

When Eve awakes naked, sexually ravaged and alone in the garden of one of New Orleans’ most historic homes, she begins her search to uncover who this mystery man is. ... Read More

Vampire Romance

Sarah can no longer ignore the Immortal Aris, who has tracked her through the centuries so they can be reunited as lovers for the rest of time. ... Read More

A Century of Love

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