True Love

Ooh La La! Shirtless Bedtime Stories is giving bedtime stories a new twist—they are going shirtless! This week we release the third in a series of videos. Enjoy!... Read more

'Tis the Season When Children Star

In many places in the world, children still perform roles today's Americans believe should be reserved for adults--and they are still political pawns in deadly adult conflicts... Read more

Holiday Romance From December 2001

"We Were Strangers On A Snow Bus Trip"--Sometimes you must travel very far to forget your past, but keep your eyes open to welcome the future.... Read more

News To Love

Top 5 Most Romantic Holiday Films

There are so many good ones out there to choose from, but we have picked this list of the top 5 essential holiday movies to enjoy this year.... Read more

Entire TruLOVE Collection only $1.99

Talk about a great gift for the holidays! For a limited time only, the entire TruLOVE Collection is available on Amazon Kindle for only $1.99!... Read more

10 Most Fascinating People of 2014

The 21st edition of Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year aired this week and you'll never guess who she choose as #1... Read more

Shirtless Bedtime Stories Teasers

My Next Door Neighbor

The Confessions of Candy Apple

Love in Many Forms

Top 5 Honeymoons- According to Kids

We asked 19 different children of various ages and locations to answer a question about romance and honeymoons. Their responses were quite amusing... Read more

Feeling Overwhelmed by Holiday Decor?

It's that time of year when printed magazines and online social sharing are dominated by holiday decor. This year, I was feeling especially uninspired.... Read more

The Rose I never Gave My Wife

My mind went back to another Mother's Day. It seemed so very long ago and yet it was just a few short years. I thought of Diane, my wife. I wondered if I should ... Read more

Love Stories

A Promise for Lovers

A promise is a promise. Or is it? Can two lovers keep the promise they once made to each other, even when the odds are against them? Read this Christmas love story ... Read more

In Love With A Shortie

"But he's so… little," Sonya whispered when I pointed out Gary, in the supermarket. Gary was the store’s manager and that's how I'd met him in the first place... Read more

Not About the turkey

It seemed like every woman in the department had some sort of horror story about Thanksgiving. I began to worry that mine would turn into a horror story too.... Read more


30 Second Holiday Film

The Sexiest Dance You'll Ever See

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What Are You?

Which Romance Novel Are You? Ever felt like your story mirrored that of a Romance Novel? Take our quiz here to see what kind of Romance Novel you are!... Read more

Vampire Movie Quiz

From Dracula to Underworld, vampire movies have been a mainstay in Hollywood for years. How good is your vampire movie knowledge? Hope you don't "suck". Get it?... Read more

What About Him?

So what do women really want in a man? Money? Looks? Brains? Fancy Car? Take our quiz here and tell us. You might be surprised with yourself!... Read more


Trulove collection

Mother's in Love. There’s love, and then there’s mother love -- maybe the most powerful love of all. Meet the mothers at the center of each of these 14 love stories.... Read More

Second Acts Series

An intrepid young matchmaker in Hollywood sparks chemistry with an old flame, an ex-flame and an A-list actor, all while finding love for her clients... Read More

Vampire Romance

Sarah can no longer ignore the Immortal Aris, who has tracked her through the centuries so they can be reunited as lovers for the rest of time. ... Read More

A Century of Love

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