True Love

A TEMPTING Interview with D.M. Pratt

Author D.M. Pratt was recently interviewed by for her new novel, THE TEMPTING. Find out where she got the idea to write such a sexy new novel. ... Read more

What Are Nephilim? Origins and Influence

The Bible speaks of a race of giants who roamed the Earth before the great flood of Noah's day. D.M. Pratt makes them an intergral component of her latest book.... Read more

The Tempting Has Arrived!

An Age of Eve Series Book: Will true love be able to conquer pure evil? Can she resist the Nephilim? All is revealed in The Tempting--Available Now!... Read more

News To Love

Arrested For Promoting Great Sex!

Here’s how to start a commotion: Take a group of women, invite them into your living room, and introduce them to the latest products for enhancing their love lives.... Read more

Love and Laughter Help Us Cope

One of the blessings, and trials, of the holidays for baby boomers like me is that we reunite with aging parents (if we're lucky enough to still have living parents).... Read more

Real Couples, Real Love

Watch as Fred Stobaugh hears a song he wrote about his lovely wife played for the first time. Or listen to the story of America's longest wed couple.... Read more

Shirtless Bedtime Stories Teasers

My Next Door Neighbor

The Confessions of Candy Apple

Love in Many Forms

Top 5 Honeymoons- According to Kids

We asked 19 different children of various ages and locations to answer a question about romance and honeymoons. Their responses were quite amusing... Read more

Ooh La La! Shirtless Bedtime Stories is giving bedtime stories a new twist—they are going shirtless! This week we release the third in a series of videos. Enjoy!... Read more

The Magic of Sex

Foods that have a reputation for stimulating sex are called aphrodisiacs. You'd be surprised how many people, even the best educated, have a sneaking belief that they work... Read more

Love Stories

The Rose For My Wife

My mind went back to another Mother's Day. It seemed so very long ago and yet it was just a few short years. I thought of Diane, my wife. I wondered if I should ... Read more

In Love With A Shortie

"But he's so… little," Sonya whispered when I pointed out Gary, in the supermarket. Gary was the store’s manager and that's how I'd met him in the first place... Read more

Rock N' Romance

My gaze traveled up his long blue-jean clad legs, took in his slender hips and screeched to a halt at his gorgeous face. My, I’d never seen any man that handsome... Read more


Ordinary Ways To Find Romance

Taylor Swift Gets Crazy in Love

Take Our Love Quizzes

What Are You?

Which Romance Novel Are You? Ever felt like your story mirrored that of a Romance Novel? Take our quiz here to see what kind of Romance Novel you are!... Read more

Vampire Movie Quiz

From Dracula to Underworld, vampire movies have been a mainstay in Hollywood for years. How good is your vampire movie knowledge? Hope you don't "suck". Get it?... Read more

What About Him?

So what do women really want in a man? Money? Looks? Brains? Fancy Car? Take our quiz here and tell us. You might be surprised with yourself!... Read more


The Tempting

Was Eve's life a dream? Some days were harder than others when she could not shake the shadowy fear that seeped into her sleep and turned her dreams into nightmares.... Read More

All Things Gatsby

Fitzgerald, one of the foremost writers of American fiction, found early success as a short story writer for the most widely read magazine of the early 20th century . Here is a collection of stories... Read More

Trulove Collection

Whether you’re heartbroken or have sworn off love forever; love comes when it’s perfectly timed or when you least expect it, this collection of fourteen inspirational stories will convince you ... Read More

A Century of Love

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