True Love

Holiday Story: Black Friday Love For Sale

Nico never missed a Black Friday Sale. This year, her boyfriend is roped into helping. Will he put up a fight or will his heart melt with a special present?... Read more

Articles on Sex: Where Did The Passion Go?

Once the relationship is established, is the honeymoon truly over and if so, can we get those feelings back? Communication is the key.... Read more

Smart Thanksgiving Tips For Your Family

Are you eating a healthy turkey? How many fixings and beverages do you purchase for the big day? You could be saving tons of money and eating healthy... Read more

News We Love

Uptown Funk Takes Over Classic Films

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the release of Mark Ronson's pop hit, Uptown Funk, a new mashup video of vintage dance sequences has been edited together... Read more

Holiday Story: It's Not About the turkey

It seemed like every woman in the department had some sort of horror story about Thanksgiving. I began to worry that mine would turn into a horror story too.... Read more

Love, Marriage and Divorce

Are more people being unfaithful these days, or has it just become less stigmatized? We must ask ourselves: Have we become more forgiving, or more thoughtless?... Read more

At The Movies

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Secret In Their Eyes

Love in Many Forms

Shonda Rhimes: A Voice for Women

Soon after graduate school, Rhimes sold her first screenplay, Human Seeking Same, about an older black woman looking for love in the personals... Read more

Ooh La La! Shirtless Bedtime Stories is giving bedtime stories a new twist—they are going shirtless! 4 Sexy Guys entertain you with their fantasies. ... Read more

Flesh and Bone Raises the Barre

Starz’s new ballet drama Flesh and Bone will make a lasting impression by revealing the ugly truth just beneath the beautiful veneer. Read about the show here... Read more

Love Series

Too Skinny For Sex

"That evening, as I made love to my husband, for the very first time, I imagined that he was Lance . . . Lance’s hands roaming my body, Lance holding me..."... Read more

Lust With A Stranger

Have you ever wanted to break free from being “a good girl” and have an uninhibited fling with a sexy stranger? Follow the sexy tale of "Diane"... Read more

Neighbors in Heat!

I imagined those lovely, large hands caressing me. I hated Linda for what she’d done to him. How could she have ever left a treasure of a man like this?... Read more


Ordinary Ways To Find Romance

100 Years of Style

Take Our Love Quizes

Which Romance Novel Are You?

Which Romance Novel Are You? Ever felt like your story mirrored that of a Romance Novel? Take our quiz here to see what kind of Romance Novel you are!... Read more

Which Love Song Was Meant For You?

Ever hear a song on the radio and think, "Hey, that song is about me!" Take our quiz above to see what love song best summarizes who you are!... Read more

Which RomCom Are You?--Take The Quiz

Do you see yourself as more of a Casablanca gal or a Notebook kind of guy? Take our quiz above to learn what RomCom you should be in. ... Read more

Shirtless Bedtime Stories

Confessions of Candy Apple

In Love With My Next Door Neighbor!


Vampire Romance

Aris Rising is a fantastic read with just the right elements of mystery, adventure, and romance. The second in a trilogy--it is hard to put down. Can true love survive despite the passage of time?... Read More

All Things Gatsby

Fitzgerald, one of the foremost writers of American fiction, found early success as a short story writer for the most widely read magazine of the early 20th century . Here is a collection of stories... Read More

New Collection

Whether it's a happily-ever-after fantasy, a tear-jerking heartbreaker, or a secluded romantic getaway, the nine romantic adventures in this TruLove Collection will stay with you forever.... Read More

A Century of Love