Losing It For Love

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All of us long for true love. Unfortunately, however, some of us despair of ever finding it. Often it’s because we live with a gripping sense of defeat brought on by some unwanted feature. Usually our nemesis is our weight, although sometimes it’s a particular part of our body, like a nose or a chin that is undeniably out of proportion to the rest of our face.

There are more than enough thoughtless or shallow people in the world who may insist upon defining us by our single most troubling physical feature. We’re fat, we’re ugly, we’re not sexy. And even though we silently rage against this horrifically narrow assessment, we may eventually become complacent, figuring that this is the way it will always be for us – because we don’t think we can change ourselves.
And so, to our emotional rescue, come the women in this collection of stories who are our inspirational champions. They decided to take charge and radically change the way they looked. In so doing, they triumphed over the formidable opponents we all face every day: bad habits, occasional self-pity and the pernicious devil inside of us that tells us we can’t do it so why even try. In shedding pounds – lots of them – they also shed destructive self-perceptions.
Most of these women did not go eagerly down this road, however. They balked and resisted and rationalized and procrastinated just like the rest of us. But eventually something clicked in their head that led them out of the zone of wanting to change and into the determined mindset of actually doing it. Perhaps they overheard a particularly biting observation from someone they respected – or even from someone they loathed. Or perhaps they wanted to look good at an upcoming family wedding or to catch the eye of a particular man. All of them, however, were tired of perpetually feeling bad about themselves.

Although their motives for changing the course of their lives were different, our heroines all learned the same lesson in the end: It’s easier to find your true love when you start by genuinely loving yourself.

The things we do for love . . .

I’m Large and In Charge

So where’s my lover boy?

“For as long as I can remember, I’d always been the short, heavy girl
with zero confidence who was the butt of everyone’s jokes. To this very
day, I can still hear the taunts and teases, and feel my face flush with
anger and bitterness from all the misery they caused.” Read More

He Wanted A Super Model

And I don’t know how to be a blonde bimbo

“Take you, Grace. You could stand to lose a few pounds—more than a few, actually. And your hair needs some work. You could get it styled and dye it blonde. You’d look great as a blonde. If you changed your makeup a little . . .well, you’d look like the model in the poster.”

She Begged the Doctor: Chop My Nose Off

It’s ruining my life

“On the way up the steps, Greg Makowski dashed by and bumped
into me. He turned his head and grinned in a way that heated my body all the way to my toes. Oh, if I was beautiful and could attract a hot guy like Greg, I’d be in heaven.”

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