Air Force Pilot Is Our Story of The Week

pilot-cropOn our lovely little website called Never Liked It Anyway, people can offload all the stuff they’re left with when a relationship ends. There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff on the site, and this is our inspiring story of the week!

One of our guys is selling an engagement ring that his fiancee wore for 4 months. Apparently she “decided a much older guy with no job and a receding hairline was a better choice than me”. He worked as a pilot in the air force and was on the road, or in the skies – we should say – a lot. But now, he’s ready for a career change, and hoping to put the money he makes from selling the ring towards funding that plan!

ringWhy We Love It: Every break up should give way to a new start, and this guy has really embodied that with a career change!

Our Wish: We hope that in pursuit of a new job, he finds a little love on the job as well as some vocational fulfillment!

View the Ring Here

What Else Is Hot This Week: These hot little red shoes… at a bargain price of $50!

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