Unidentified Object Is Our Story of The Week

man apartment


At Never Liked It Anyway, you sell all the stuff you’re left with when a relationship ends so you can feel better faster. Simple, right? We get some funny stories, sad stories and everything in between. Our favorite story this week goes a little something like this…

This poor guy was left with a strange, unidentified object that he found while cleaning under his couch. He has no idea what it is (we think it’s a sock bun). Yet he has hopes that it will be worth something and something big!

hair bun

Why We Love It: The hope that perhaps, weirdly, this piece of plastic might be worth a lot! Now that’s a bit of positive thinking we can all learn from!

Our Wish: We hope that when he cleans under another item, maybe his bed, that he finds a big, fat, gold ring. Now that would be awesome!

It Could Be Yours: If you want to find out more about this mysterious object, or make a bid, go to NeverLkedItAnyway.com/What the Hell

What Else Is Hot This Week: We’re loving this wedding ring set! Such beautiful diamonds… 14K White Gold Wedding Ring

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