Mothers in Love Reviews

“Pick this up if you want stories that are full of drama and easy to read. I got hooked and raced through the book in a few hours. A nice variety of crazy people . . . my favorite people to read about. You will put this book down feeling extremely well adjusted. It’s like a collection of little soap operas. Favorite story — Forget My Daughter-I’ll Show You Ecstasy.” — L. Gordon, Amazon

“While I wouldn’t give this to my mother, this book was certainly entertaining. I seriously couldn’t stop after the first story, but it was a very, very quick read. Recommended.” –  A. Mark, Amazon

“First of all I want to say that I received a free copy of this book for an honest review. My mother and I are avid readers. Especially books of the romance variety. Well, this year for Mother’s Day I decided to give her a great day. I’m taking her out for brunch, then to a beautiful garden and my family is all getting together for dinner that night. I decided to skip the typical flowers-style present and get her a book that she would enjoy reading. After some research, I stumbled across this book, Mothers in Love and it sounded perfect! The other books in the TruLove Collection all had great reviews and I thought this one would be a perfect gift to my mom this year. My way of saying thanks for all the unbelievable stuff she has endured raising my sister and I. Anyway, the book arrived yesterday and after reading some stories myself, I can tell she is going to LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see her face after she reads some of these stories about these CRAZY mothers. Let’s just say I am thankful she is my mom.” — Alex 99, Amazon

“This collection of anonymous stories were taken from the old romance publications, True Love and True Romance magazines. Publisher BroadLit, and editor, Ron Hogan, creator of, compiled stories thematically into a series. Not all these stories start in the most ideal scenario. Most of the mothers in these stories are overcoming daunting obstacles while trying to balance motherhood and romantic relationships.
“Here is my take: I’m loving Ron Hogan’s influence on these TruLOVE Collections. He hand-picked the stories and has a foreword at the beginning of each one. SPOILER ALERT: If you are rooting for these women to get their happy ending you will be pleasantly surprised. The super happy ending can feel slightly too fairytale-esque, but you will definitely have a smile on your face. Very quick read. Recommended.” — Rolanduk, Amazon

“I’ve been gobbling up these collections from! They are super short, so I fly through them (thank goodness there are so many!). It is kind of nice just getting that small glimpse into the world of someone else. While reading this I thought it might be great for my mom to read, too! I’m sure that would spark an interesting conversation…ha!” — Yvonne Crawford, Amazon


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