When Love Goes Bad Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading these short stories. Each one was so well written that it was hard to put down.”-Floyd, Amazon

“The perfect read on the go…I enjoyed the diversity of characters and wide range of emotions the stories evoked. I found myself laughing one minute and getting a bit teary the next…highly recommend.” -Kelsey, Amazon

“Great, easy read full of sexy stories that really got me going.” -Slimas, Amazon

“Better than I could ever imagine…The 12 stories in the book are all different but all document stories that are so intense and so venomous they make you realize that some relationships are so full with drama they are worthy of a book!” – Lindsay, Amazon

“These short stories are a perfect bedtime treat- pacy, well written with great plots and characters. I highly recommend them.” – Pauline, Amazon

“These short stories are insightful, engrossing, and wonderfully readable. Sometimes they made me laugh, other times they were very moving. I recommend them to any woman looking for a terrific summer read!” – Mark Bruce Rosin, Amazon

“I feel like these stories were written about my past boyfriends!”  -JonesBT, Barnes & Noble

“Most of us have experienced at least one bad boyfriend, but few of us (I hope) have experienced the incredibly rotten collection of bad boyfriends in this book. .. I really enjoyed reading the stories of these women who trusted, endured and ultimately learned how to stand up for themselves.”  -SayRose, Barnes & Noble

“Great collection of heartbreak and lessons learned stories, quick reads and perfect for a lazy afternoon! My favorite … the almost mother in law! YIKES!” – Andrea Kastner, GoodReads

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