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“This is not Twilight. This is a very grownup Vampire story that is just as sensual as it is supernatural. The reader will not be disappointed with the denouement or the inevitable cliffhanger that entices one to look forward to the next book in the series.

”Devin Morgan will be one to watch in this genre.”  – C’est LV, Amazon

“Single Events can uproot and change our lives more than we could ever expect. “Aris Returns” is a novel of suspense, as Psychologist Sarah Hagan works with a troubled young man and find out that an ancient vampire lives in her patient, and what’s more, the revelations may yet uproot his life entirely. “Aris Returns” is an exciting storm laced with paranormal romance, highly recommended and not to be missed. –James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

For adult vampire fans

As a fan of all things vampire, I of course read the Twilight saga. I enjoyed it, but it left me feeling like I was reading adolescent fiction. Searching my favorite topic on Amazon, I stumbled upon “Aris Returns,” and was intrigued that there were real historical elements interwoven in the story. This is probably one of the first vampire books that, while it does have a sensual aspect, is really more of a character study first and foremost. Where “Twilight” gets caught up in teenage drama without much mystery, I never knew where this book was heading. Plus, I’m really into hypnosis, and that aspect added an interesting dynamic to the book. Yes, there’s the usual vampire blood sucking action, but there’s a lot more going on here than that. I recommend it for anyone interested in vampires, history or past life regression.  –Amazon

“The novel is romance, not horror. There are the typical vampire moments, but the emphasis here is definitely the romantic side of Aris. The premise is fascinating. The ancient vampire Aris is channeling himself through the modern Carlos. His spirit is embedded within Carlos’s subconscious and surfaces throughout the book. Aris’s story unfolds through the regression sessions and we learn of a strange connection between Sarah and this vampire. . .  Aris Returns: A Vampire Love Story is an entertaining romantic read for a rainy weekend.” Drake Morgan,

“I would like to say that this book is about vampires, and it is, but that’s not what compelled me to keep reading. I love vampire stories, but they are a dime a dozen now. For me to read one and love it takes a lot. Devin Morgan does an amazing job of telling the story of Aris Returns in the most unusual way. I loved the uniqueness of the way she tells this story. It kept me on the edge of my seat reading.

The main character is Sarah Hagan, she is a therapist that specializes in hypnotherapy, focusing on past life regression. It’s not that she specifically believes that people can really connect to their “past lives”, but that the patient can use that experience to learn how to have a better life now. She takes on a man, Carlos Havarro, as a patient, as a favor to her colleague, Colleen. Carlos is a troubled young man who is Colleen’s parolee. She thinks that Sarah can make a connection with him to help him get past all of the violence in his life, and choose a better future.

Sarah has never met anyone like Carlos before, and isn’t quite comfortable around him, but she appreciates that fact that he wants to be there. He wants a better life for himself, and is willing to explore his mind under hypnosis, because it calms him and helps him control his anger. He has a very troubled past with his family and the violent gang that he is turning away from. The first part of the story focuses on their patient/therapist relationship that turns into a friendship that Sarah can’t deny. She finds herself thinking about Carlos outside of their sessions, and is genuinely concerned for his safety when he deals with the aftermath of getting out of the “gang life”. She also starts to have haunting and erotic dreams with a faceless male, that seems familiar to her. As a reader, I was also getting attached to Carlos, because his gentle spirit and genuine goal to have a better life.

The story gets quite a bit more interesting though when we get to meet Aris. When Carlos is hypnotized, a person or being is revealed. The character Aris, is mesmerizing and so intriguing. We learn that the period of time he is living in is when the Tudors are rulers of England. He is a member of Henry VIII’s court, and develops a special relationship with Anne Boleyn, while she is trying to become Queen. My imagination went straight to the Showtime drama, The Tudors, that I couldn’t help myself. When I pictured Aris, I immediately thought of Henry Cavill. He is my favorite character in that series.(Be still my heart…) If you loved that series as much as I did, you will love this book, because the author really does her homework, so details from that time period are fairly accurate.

We spend a lot of time with Aris, because both Carlos and Sarah can’t get enough of his story. At every session, the patient and therapist are drawn into Aris’ visual world. Aris was a great warrior and commander. He is changed into a vampire against his will, and is left to figure out how to live as one, while still under the leadership of Alexander the Great. When he finally does find others like him, Richard and Gabriela take him to the rulers of the vampire world in the catacombs of London. It is from his mentor Sebastian that he learns the rules and regulations of their kind.

The only aspect of the story that I found distracting was Carlos’ storyline with his violent past. It would show up in the weirdest times, and just seemed unnecessary. I liked Carlos’ character, but wasn’t as attached to him as Sarah becomes.

The secondary characters Colleen and Tom add a lot to the story, because they keep the story grounded in reality for Sarah and for the reader. It would be so easy for Sarah to lose herself in Carlos and Aris. There are other characters, like Sarah’s ex-husband that are introduced to remind Sarah of the life she wants to get away from and what she could lose, if Carlos’ dangerous past isn’t addressed properly. There is a fine line drawn with the therapist/patient relationship that makes it difficult for Sarah to decide what would be best for her and for Carlos. She wants to keep his trust, but can’t ignore the warning signs that show up at every turn.

While I had a feeling about where Aris’ story would go, I still enjoyed the emotional complexity of the ending, and look forward to the next book. We are left wanting to know more about Aris and his “spiritual connection” to Sarah.

If you want to read a not so typical vampire love story with a character driven plot, I would highly recommend this book.” Katherine Fellows,

“The historical sections are really well written and I could feel the drama happening. I liked Sarah – and love Aris – but then I’m a sucker for a vampire story and this was one with a twist. Initially I didn’t think I’d like it but the book gradually drew me in and I began to feel I was there immersed in the characters actions and problems. . . I do want to read more of Sarah and Aris so will look forward to the next part of the story and I’m sure once the characters are clear in my mind as to their context to the story then I’ll enjoy the next book far more.” – Jeannie Zelos, GoodReads

Great even for people not into vampires

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, you’re surrounded by vampires—between Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries, you can’t escape it. I’m not really into vampires—I’d much rather read a steamy romance or other type of fiction. But I’ve been reading and enjoying several books from this publisher, BroadLit (which specializes in romance) and I thought I would give this one a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. Despite its title, I actually forgot it was a vampire story, as the whole first part of the book focuses on a hypnotherapist and her patient. And just when you think the book is one thing, it turns into a fascinating historical romance where vampires happen to be some of the central characters. What I really liked was that the author didn’t make them the typical egotistical, brooding vampires. They’re more like real people—I mean, real people who don’t ever die, of course (and yes, do some blood sucking). The way the story is told, you never know what is going to happen next. I may not be into vampires, but I would definitely read another one of these. –Amazon

Sexy bloodsucking fun!

I almost exclusively read romances, and often my favorites have some sort of supernatural element. So Aris Returns was a perfect fit for me. It’s about this woman Sarah who does therapy through hypnosis, and she stumbles onto this wild story through one of her patients that takes place during the time of Anne Boleyn. Is it true? I don’t want to spoil anything, but I had a hard time not skipping to the end to find out what happens. But, I had to keep reading because I didn’t want to miss the love scenes, which were totally worth reading (more than once)! There’s something about vampires and Elizabethan times together that is super sexy. –GoodReads

Under this book’s spell

Ever since I was hypnotized at a business convention several years ago, I’ve been a little obsessed with hypnosis. It really works, as I found out with somewhat embarrassing results myself! I’ve been wanting to explore hypnotherapy ever since I found out that it is used to explore past lives. This book really details how this works, and it does it while also telling a fascinating story about love and yes—vampires. I believe the author is a hypnotherapist herself, and it shows in all of the details. What surprised me, though, was I didn’t expect to get excited about the vampire aspect of the story, but I really loved it. I hope this author continues to write about hypnosis, whether the story is told through vampires or regular people. She obviously has a talent for it. –Barnes and Noble



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