Bedroom Roulette

Love stories from the beginning of the 1970s are about as wild as you can find. This TruLOVE Collection, edited by Ron Hogan of and Lady Jane Salon fame, contains an amazing selection of stories that epitomize what was happening during the era of “free love!” “Countercultural” trends of the 1960s were becoming mainstream, allowing people to tell stories that would have been taboo in previous eras.

There are many surprises and a lot of passion-filled twists in this selection of snapshots of what was on America’s mind at a pivotal moment in American cultural history. Read More


From Amazon: I found out that Ron Hogan was editing this collection of love stories through Twitter. I am a fan of his, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to check out these stories since he loves them so much. What a great surprise! These stories showcase what love was like in the 1970s. By no means does it encapsulate everyone’s experiences, but it does let you look into the window for certain individuals.


We’re Just Two Girls in Love–With Each Other

Cara is accepting of Edie’s sexuality… although she’s still convinced Edie could be quite pretty if she just allowed herself to be more feminine. “Two women sharing an apartment was a situation so common in that crowded, expensive city, that it couldn’t possibly cause any comment. And Edie was as good as her word. About everything. She pampered me as if I were a baby myself. She made me give up my job instantly, saying that it wasn’t good for the baby, me constantly on my feet and lugging heavy trays. Edie made enough money to support us both in a modest fashion, and she shared it generously with me.” Read the Rest of the Story Here

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