Forbidden Love

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No one is immune to the temptation of forbidden love. Many of us merely dip our baby toe into this realm – perhaps by Googling the names of old lovers to see what they look like now, years later, while our spouse watches television in another room. Or we spy on an alluring married co-worker by studying his Facebook page to learn as much as we can about him.

Or we create detailed fantasies about someone who is definitely off-limits for one reason or another. However, the sexually adventurous characters in these tantalizing stories have plunged much deeper into the web of forbidden love, making the rest of us look like pikers. Why have sex with just your husband when you can also have it with his best friend – or even his mistress? You’ll read about preachers who provide solace of the sexual kind and babysitters who look after more than just your children. Some of the sexual partners in these stories are illicit soul-mates – and some are selfish psychos. Who knew there was so much forbidden love to be had? But what pushes someone from merely thinking about forbidden love to actually engaging in it? Boredom or loneliness, of course. Sometimes it’s motivated by a desire for revenge or by a streak of rebellion or a bout of feeling really low. Most often, though, a palpable carnal chemistry that ultimately proves irresistible can overwhelm even the most prudent among us with a breathtaking swiftness. This much is true about forbidden love: It is never boring.
Unlike true love, it ultimately forces you to face the question: Is it worth it? And while forbidden love almost always comes with an expiration date, there are exquisitely rare occasions where it actually morphs into true love. The stories in this collection let us venture deeply into the libidinous world of forbidden love – all while never leaving the comfort of our own lives. Sit back and succumb to its pleasures.

From One-Night Stand–To Indecent Obsession

He tasted my body once–and he’ll stop at nothing for more

“About ten that morning, Jared Beacon strolled through the
claims department with Mr. Steadman, himself. Jared was tall,
dark, handsome, and tanned, with a demeanor that exuded self confidence.
The room practically throbbed with the collective
heartbeats of single women as he passed through—and a few
married ones, as well, I suspect.” Read More

Naughty Orgasms With My Ex

They’re Getting Me in Hot Water

“Janine folded her arms across her ample bosom and replied, I
think it’s dangerous. Very, very dangerous, and I would be careful
if I were you.”

Mom’s Boyfriend Took My Virginity

I dangled my goods in his face so he’d make me feel like a woman

“As I watched Turk coolly, his chocolate-brown eyes swept over
me from head to foot in what was very obviously an appraisal. I
sensed that he liked what he saw, as his mouth quirked up at one
corner in a grin that was a perfect imitation of Elvis’s trademark
look. His level gaze held mine just a heartbeat longer than it
should have.”


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