Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers

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Cynthia Amas has her hands full. In the middle of launching a boutique matchmaking service – Second Acts — amid the sun, surf, and celebrities of Southern California, her own romantic life gets a whole lot more complicated…and steamy. While expertly juggling the needs of her exclusive clients,her own maddeningly irresistible bad-boy, sometime lover unexpectedly returns for a hot and heavy reunion.

Meanwhile, her high-maintenance mother busily concocts harebrained schemes for meddling in Cynthia’s affairs.

And her new best girlfriend—the sexy proprietress of a chic Beverly Hills dog-grooming salon—just happens to roll with a purebred entourage of curiously gifted canines.

Before long, Cynthia’s personal, professional, and amorous lives begin crashing hilariously into one another.

Join Cynthia as she begins her own “Second Act” and find out who accidentally slips into bed with whom, who has a penchant for low-cut lederhosen, and who winds up naked and alone on a beautiful beach in Malibu!

Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers is the first novel in the new romance series - A Second Acts Novel. 


Think “Stephanie Plum meets Sex and the City wearing Fifty Shades of Grey — L.A. style.”-–Kindle Nation

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“The misunderstandings and mischief will keep readers turning pages, and the light-weight content makes for easy enjoyment … erotic adventure for readers more interested in an entertaining read than deep thought.” - Kirkus Reviews

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An Interview with Julia

Your first book in the Second Acts Series is called Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers. How did you come up with that title? Read More

About the author: 

The Not-So-Authorized Bio of Julia Dumont

Julia Dumont is not my real name. I have a secret life, which is why I have to keep my true identity hidden. My fellow university professors would never understand why a very serious literary professor such as myself would ever confess her addiction to reading romance novels, much less to her passion for writing them. Read More About Julia.

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