When Love Goes Bad

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Anyone who’s ever loved and lost will relate to the tales of timeless relationship-busterslike controlling creeps, two-timing traitors and maniacal mothers-in-law! Even “been there,
done that” readers will be surprised by the extraordinary accounts of love destroyed by an affair exposed on national TV, a Botox babe, and a handsome, but heartless, doctor.

Twelve unique stories chronicle the relationship rollercoaster of a highs and lows that so often define romantic love.

The timeless love stories of True Romance and True Love live on.

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The Perfect Man

Is he too good to be true?

“I really wasn’t even supposed to have met Gavin my first night in Edinburgh. My sister Gillian kept trying to talk me into going out, but all I wanted to do was lie down since my head was still pounding and swaying with the motion of the train.” Read More

 I Won’t Wear a Black Eye On My Wedding Day

That’s why I may have to walk away from the only man I ever loved

“I sat there asking myself the same question. What on Earth was the matter with me? Did I want to live my life with someone who made me feel so uncomfortable? Oh, the sweet talk and loving caresses were wonderful , but they didn’t make up for the humiliation I felt right then.”

Alcohol–My Marriage’s Worst Enemy

I feel like I don’t stand a chance against it

“I turned my head slowly and looked over at my sleeping husband. It was hard to believe that this was the same hateful face I’d seen last night, flushed with anger and liquor.”


“These short stories are insightful, engrossing, and wonderfully delightful”—Marc Bruce Rosin on Amazon.com


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