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From Romantic Times:

Buy Yourself Several Happily Ever Afters – RT Books Reviews

TruLoveStories parent company BroadLit is publishing collections of stories from the Dorchester magazines, True Romance and True Love. The first two of these collections, online now, When Love Goes Bad and Falling In Love … Again. But that’s not all that they offer, you can also purchase original tales of love and romance from their newly-started Second Acts romance series.The first book released is Second Acts: Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers by Julia Dumont. It is the tale of a woman, her new matchmaking service, Second Acts, and her friends and family. Fans can also expect to see several more re-released collections and new novels coming in the months ahead and there’s also talk that the company will offer subscribers free novellas. They are currently giving away a free novella when fans sign-up for their TruLoveStories.com newsletter.

From Amazon.com:

This is the perfect summer read. One of the many things I loved about it is that it’s an anthology and has a great mix of stories. When you’re sitting in an airport or on a plane, you can have a complete emotional experience and closure before somebody or something interrupts you. I also found the stories engaging, sexy and funny. They also seem totally universal. For the most part you’ve either lived one of these stories, know somebody who has OR you have fantasized about having lived it. One story about lusting after the neighbor felt like it must’ve been written by a friend of mine who had the EXACT same experience as the woman in the story!

One of the other things I loved about it is that the stories felt “ageless.” It’s difficult to find books in this genre that aren’t bodice rippers. These stories are about intelligent grown up women who have a sense of humor and the guts to go after what they want in life. I think the characters and stories appeal to the romantic in all of us.

From Barnes and Noble:

I chose the book based on the title, thinking it would be about meeting the “perfect guy.”. In the end, I realized it’s more about learning to be a happy woman. These woman all faced hardships and losses, but what set them apart from others in the end was their attitude and their thoughts about relationships. In the end, they chose to be open to life and with it came love. I found these short stories a great little pick me up. I’ve been reading 1-2 a day with a piece of my favorite chocolate… It is the perfect way to get through a hot summer day; what could be better? Highly recommended.


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