Forbidden Love

No one is immune to the temptation of forbidden love. Many of us merely dip our baby toe into this realm – perhaps by Googling the names of old lovers to see what they look like now, years later, while our spouse watches television in another room. Or we spy on an alluring married co-worker by studying his Facebook page to learn as much as we can about him.

Or we create detailed fantasies about someone who is definitely off-limits for one reason or another. However, the sexually adventurous characters in these tantalizing stories have plunged much deeper into the web of forbidden love, making the rest of us look like pikers. Read More


From Amazon: I bought this book because I liked the title and the sexy cover. I’m not likely to act on my own temptations after reading these stories but I must admit I enjoy hearing about how far some people will go! It’s like peeking through a window you know you shouldn’t but can’t stop. Read More


From One-Night Stand–To Indecent Obsession

He tasted my body once–and he’ll stop at nothing for more

“About ten that morning, Jared Beacon strolled through the
claims department with Mr. Steadman, himself. Jared was tall,
dark, handsome, and tanned, with a demeanor that exuded self confidence.
The room practically throbbed with the collective
heartbeats of single women as he passed through—and a few
married ones, as well, I suspect.” Read the Free Story Here

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