Beautiful Love Thoughts To Whisper in His Ear…

…on Valentine’s Day–and all through the year!

These stories first appeared in a 1986 issue of True Love Magazine and we’d like to share them with you!

This Beautiful Gift of Love

couple in loveOur love was born of God
Sent to us from heaven abovek,
So pure, honest, and simple,
This beautiful gift of love.

Our love binds us
By a cord of invisible power;
We need this precious love to live
Every day and every hour.

Our love givs us strength
To stand even when times are rough.
Our love will forever flow–
There will always be enough.

Our love will grow each passing day,
For it was sent from heaven above,
And no one will ever destroy our gift–
This beautiful gift of love

–Cindy McBride


Valentine Surprise

couple starsIf I could, I’d buy the moon and stars
To place before your eyes.
I’d wrap up all the heavens
For a Valentine surprise.

I’d buy you clothes and racing yachts
And diamond rings galore.
A low-slung car, a brand-new house…
All this, my dear, and more.

But since I’m not a rich girl
And those loevely things aren’t free,
The best I have to offer
To you, my love–is me!

-J. Desper


Across The Years

tree loveYou carved out our initials,
Enclosed within a heart,
Upon the sturdy oak tree,
And vowed we’d never part.

Since then our love has deepened,
Through laughter and through tears,
And like the strongest oak tree
It’s stood the test of years.

For time can’t dim that moment
You pledged your heart to mine;
In memory I treasure
Your first sweet Valentine.

–Marna G. Simons


Sweet Talk

young coupleI know you love me, darling,
Although sweet words are few;
I see it clearly, day by day
In the thoughtful things you do.

I feel so blessed that what we share
Is not a passing phase,
And more than soft, romantic words
Or a shallow, pretty phrase.

Yes, I know you love me, darling.
Sweet words are not your way,
But when I need them most of all
You know just what to say.

–Joyce Mayes


The Gift

the kissHappy Valentine’s Day, my love.
As my gift to you
I will give you a day.

This day will have sunshine
As warm as your love,
A blue sky dotted with
Puffs of white clouds
As soft as your touch.

The green grass beneath your feet
Would give you comfort
As your arms comfort me.
And there would be millions of flowers
As fresh and sweet as your kisses.

A gentle breeze would touch your cheek
And bring memories of all our happy days.
But best of all, I’d share your day,
And if it were in my power,
I would give you this day
Over and over, morning after morning.

For the rest of our lives.

–Betty Hunter

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