Men Tell Us What They DON’T Like In Bed

Do men EVER hate having sex? It 3277237may be shocking to hear, but it turns out that there are some sexual positionsthat even the most sex-crazed dudes would like to avoid if at all possible.  Be aware that your man has sexual fears and hang ups just like you do, and you may be forcing him into something he’s just not that thrilled to be doing, so make sure you both think it’s a good idea when trying something new. We interviewed a half-dozen guys to get their thoughts about what doesn’t work for them in bed. This is by no means a big enough sampling to tell us what the majority of men think, but here’s what we learned:

  1.        Top This One!

“A woman being on top can be great as long as it is more of a grinding motion rather than a hop on and hop off kind of thing. Every time she comes down again I’m sitting there in a cold sweat thinking this could be the time she misses and breaks my penis in half.” –Noah (25)

  1.        Are You Still Standing?

“I think women like the idea of being picked up and getting banged against a wall. However, it doesn’t do much for me and my arms start shaking pretty quickly into the experience. I guess if I was a bodybuilder, standing up while having sex would be easier.” –Brendan (33)

  1.        When Sex Gets Boring . . .

“Missionary. It’s boring. I mean most girls really like it and it’s nice when you first start out, but I can never finish off in that way.”  –Jack (41)

  1.        Give Him Room to Breath

“I’m all about reciprocating oral sex, but don’t just sit on my face. That’s not good. I feel like I’m trying to get into it and everything, but I’m  so worried about suffocating and gasping for air that I can’t perform to the best of my abilities from that angle. It’s much easier when a girl is on her back!”– David (33)

  1.        Taming the Savage Beast

“Ever since this Fifty Shades of Grey thing, some women seem to be really getting into S&M. And they seem to be switching roles! I like a little fantasy, but being tied up and beaten or whipped is not cool. Especially when it happens early on in our sexual relationship.” –Marc (35)

  1.        Too Much of a Stretch

“If she suggests something from the Kama Sutra or one of her gossip magazines, chances are I’m probably not going to like it. I’ve known guys that end up limping for a week because they pulled a muscle tying to be more flexible than their girlfriend. That ain’t happening.” -Gavin (30)

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