Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But Love Does

  I love to live and enjoy every moment of living. I desire to attain more happiness today than yesterday, and look for the coming of tomorrow to bring more joy. My happiest moments are in know­ing I have something to live for. The mortgage on the little home must be paid, the furni­ture is beginning to look faded and worn and must someday be replaced. There are food and clothing to buy, but I am happy in the knowledge that there is something to live for. I’ve worked long and hard, succeeded in some things and failed in others, still there’s the mortgage and the faded furniture, for along with the other millions, Old Man Depression extended his long arm and gathered me into the fold. But I’m not licked; in fact, I’ve just begun to fight. Now I have more to fight for, more to live for and have learned to derive more happiness in what I am living and fighting for. My greatest happiness is in the knowledge that the girl who nineteen years ago vowed to stand by me through poverty as in prosperity has kept faith, has been my inspiration and has given me nineteen years of the happiest moments of my life. When reverses wiped our fi­nancial platter clean and I was ready to admit myself a failure, it was her sweet smile and as­surance that made me realize wealth was not happiness and I possessed that which money can never buy—”a real pal with love and understanding.” This was my happiest moment. —C. L. C. Read The First Place Winner Here Read The Second Place Winner Here

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