Name Your Ex After a Cockroach?

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By Cassie Ciopryna 

Valentine’s Day has come and gone . . . again. Still single? No worries! You can still enjoy the gift of giving . . . along with the joy of revenge.

The Bronx Zoo has brought back its sixth annual “Name a Roach” campaign, which lets you name a Madagascar hissing cockroach “for your sweetie,” or as we’d rather, after your “ex-not-so-sweetie.” Really though, who would actually appreciate someone naming a cockroach after them?

For the low price of $10, they will send your (ex) loved one a digital certificate featuring the name of their special Valentine’s roach. Throw in an extra $15 and you can send a printed certificate along with some chocolates from the Nunu Chocolate Company in Brooklyn, NY.

As the Bronx Zoo states on their website, “your donation will also help us protect these misunderstood love bugs, along with a lot of other animals, both big and small.” So not only are you getting personal revenge on your ex—you’re also helping animals at the same time. What can be better? Besides the option to send the roach certificate to your ex and keep the chocolates for yourself.

If making a cockroach forever live with the name of your terrible ex isn’t something you want to do, don’t forget that you can still rely on one of these amazing go-to’s we’ve examined before such as sending them a bag of dicks, glitter-bombing, or chocolate buttholes.

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