Cat on a Hot Tin Roofer–Video #2 Is Here


TruLOVEstories’ latest Shirtless Bedtime Story, inspired by the short story Delectable Delight: My Lunchtime Rendezvousdebuts today. When we asked four heart-melting “model” men to read a story from BroadLit’s series of TruLOVE® Collections, after a lot of coaxing (and begging), they reluctantly agreed. We caught it all on camera, but the result is far from what you might expect. Not only did they read the stories with whole-hearted enthusiasm, they saw themselves as the “stars” of the love stories.

This week’s episode is the story of Dara Miller who has given up on finding a meaningful relationship and decides to enjoy a flirtatious affair with smokin’ hot roofer Mike Madison, who’s working on the house next store. Handsome actor James Adamitis immerses himself in the story as things heat up between Mike and Dara.

A new Shirtless Bedtime Story will be debuted each week for the entire month of November. The first video, Lust With the Proper Stranger, premiered on November 6. The next two stories are titled In Love With My Next Door Neighbor and The Confessions of Candy Apple.

Hold your breath (if you can)! The next Shirtless Bedtime Story video is coming next week.

You can also watch video #1, Lust With the Proper Stranger, NOW!

Up now, Delectable Delights: My Lunchtime Rendezvous, taken from the TruLOVE Collection When Love Sizzles

Meet Shirtless Star James Adamitis

Originally from Ohio, James Adamitis’s first career was working for a Fortune 500 company for eight years during which time he lived in California, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Kentucky. For his second career, James opened a fitness center in Kentucky.  For his third career, he started a lifestyle clothing brand called 70&Sunny and moved to Los Angeles, California.  In addition to his current entrepreneurial endeavors with his fitness center and clothing line, he is a model/actor for Mavrick Artists.

James loves to be positive, exercise, travel, and play sports. He enjoys anything beautiful that nature has to offer and has quite the romantic streak. Now in a long-distance romance, he decided to do something very special for his girlfriend’s visit to Los Angeles. James rented a beautiful hotel room, decorated it with rose petals and Godiva chocolates, and awaited her arrival with a chilled bottle of wine and two glasses ready to be filled. Needless to say, the date was a complete success.

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